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12 Summer Essentials for the Beach, Pool, and Picnic

There is nothing worse than arriving at the beach, a pool party, or a picnic with family only to realize you could have done with that particular item! And no, we are not talking about food and drinks, but practical and sustainable stuff that will come in handy and make your whole outdoor summer experience a more prepared one :)

So here goes a list of super functional items that also make the ultimate summer gift guide!!


1.Beach Towels

Sand-free beach towels made from recycled plastic bottles! Say goodbye to traditional bulky beach towels with the colorful range of beach towels available from SomerSide – a towel that can do it all!

Made from 85% recycled plastic bottles to help the planet, these lightweight absorbents that compact into a size of a water bottle dries 4 x faster than a regular cotton towel and wicks moisture off your skin. Not to forget the stylish double designs such as the Aussie Dreamtime, Bali Botanical Bondi Blue, Rainbow, or Tribal that make heads turn!

 lip nourish

2.Lip Nourish

Lips that are vulnerable to sun and sun damage? Here is the perfect lip rejuvenation treatment to help keep your lips healthy. Each ingredient in the Summer Salt Body Nourish My Lips serves a purpose for nourishing your lips - no flavours, no fragrances just pure healing balm!


picnic table

3.Picnic table

Picnic in style under the blue sky of summer, with a glass of fine wine and accompaniments! Made in Geelong, Francesca Riccardo’s sturdy tables make the most of the outdoors while holding your glass and bottle in place! No fear of toppling over easy to clean and carry. And with its beeswax coating, it’s safe to place your food!!




The best way to cool your drink without dilution, these practical and stylish Gentlemen's Hardware Whisky Stones are ideal for that perfect chilled drink to sip by the pool! Made from granite and soapstone, pop these stones in the freezer four hours before use – and what do you get? A cold drink with cubes that do not melt!

 portable barbeque

5.Portable Barbeque

The sun is out, and it’s time to get grilling! Perfect for those spontaneous picnics in the park or a pool party, this easy-to-set-up stainless steel barbeque features a lightweight construction with a navy powder-coated finish and clasps to secure. Both versatile and easy to carry, this open-out briefcase includes a grill and coal tray to heat a great barbie!


insect spray

6.Insect Spray

While summer is the time to have those juicy grills in the outdoors, it’s also the time for bugs to find ways of being a spoilsport! Enjoy your BBQs and outdoor activities this summer with a great smelling, effective bug repellent featuring an insect deterring blend of Citronella, Lavender, Lemongrass, and Rosemary essential oils. A natural mix of woody, citrus and floral tones makes this a lovely summer perfume with a purpose! And the best part? This spray is safe enough to use on babies and the face! So no more bites as you enjoy the open-air cooking!




From the shores of Sydney’s world-famous Bondi Beach, Topheads are those sunglasses that you cannot do without during the summer months! Incorporating retro designs, Topheads seeks out to use contemporary, eco-friendly materials, such as wood, bamboo, bioplastic, and even recycled skateboard decks, to create their unique line of shades!


earth bottle

8.Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Exposure to the sun can work up those sweat glands and cause fatigue, which you don’t want when enjoying the weather. The best way to avoid this is to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated by carrying water bottles - that well, do not sweat! A sleek-designed double insulated stainless steel bottle with a Blue marble design. The Earth Bottle Blue Marble Clean Ocean Water Bottle keeps water cold for up to 24 hours and liquids warm for 12 hours with no leaks. These stylish bottles also support Clean Coast Collective, and 25% of the profits from their CLEAN OCEAN Blue marble range will go towards funding Clean Coast Collective Trash Tribes.


Patch Bandages

9.First Aid

Jellyfish sting? Skin cuts? Or sand flea bites? Not to panic when you are carrying award-winning zero-waste first aid bandages from PATCH bandages! Made with soft, certified organic bamboo fiber and gauze with hypoallergenic pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA), these strips are suitable for everyone and every skin! So next time you have your kid in tears after acquiring some new abrasion from playing in the seawater, you can bring back the happy face by sticking a patch!


Hunter Lab Sunscreen


Protect your skin from the sun naturally! A lightweight, non-greasy facial sunscreen crafted with naturally derived zinc oxide for UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection and Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to soothe and nourish. Hunter Lab’s SPF50+ Facial Sunscreen presented as a convenient roll-on balm is ideal for traveling, offering smooth and easy application resulting in a satin-matte finish, with 2 hours water resistance. Feel free to take a dip and still look radiant!


Anti Odourant

11.Natural deodorant

No toxic chemicals, no aluminium. Just super-natural, bicarb based no pong pits this summer! Sweat without releasing odour with No Pong Anti Odourant. Massage a pea-sized amount into your armpit each day or straight after showering (in an emergency, after sweating, and it will neutralize the unpleasant odour). A unisex product that works naturally on the skin, and says bye to B.O!

 food bags

12.Food Bags

Store those muffins or cheese in food bags from 4 my Earth, drop them in your picnic basket, and you are all set to go! Made from 100% Cotton canvas, these vegan bags with their unique food-derived inner lining keeps food fresher for longer, along with being biodegradable.  Plus, they are great for a smoothie prep, is freezer safe, and are very strong despite being lightweight!







12 Summer Essentials for the Beach, Pool, and Picnic

12 Summer Essentials for the Beach, Pool, and Picnic