Novelty Gifts under $50 - Same day delivery Melbourne

Novelty Gifts under $50

Unique, funny, luxury or even unisex - some of the best sustainable gifts under 50 AUD you will find in Australia.

Most products (more than 75%)  are locally made. In here you will find anything from Mork Hot Chocolate to Summer Salt scrubs to homewares to Sabine and Sparrow eye pillows. Pretty much all tried and tested ( some for years ) by us and various real people we know and have met here :)

Pair it with one of the fastest deliveries (See shipping policy under T & C ) and cute gift wrappings for Melbourne and in general to rest of Australia for peace of mind. As usual, every purchase donates a meal to Australians in need (all from rescued food) and each product have their own extra impact from sustainable, social and local perspective on top. Enjoy browsing and if you get stuck, pick up the phone and talk to us (for a timely reply!) or use any other channel from the bottom right hand corner.



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Sabine & Sparrow Baby Gift Set BabySabine & Sparrow Baby Gift Set Baby
Sabine & Sparrow Baby Gift Set
Sale priceFrom $33.00 AUD Regular price$38.00 AUD
Mojo Cedar and Saffron Wine Bottle Candle Candle
Gift Vouchers Gift CardsGift Vouchers Gift Cards
Gift Vouchers
Sale priceFrom $10.00 AUD
Milton Ashby Wooden Bird Rattle BabyMilton Ashby Wooden Bird Rattle Baby
Milton Ashby Wooden Bird Rattle
Sale price$35.00 AUD
Mojo French Pear Wine Bottle Candle Candle
Solid State Journeyman Cologne CologneSolid State Journeyman Cologne Cologne
Mojo Coconut and Lime Wine Bottle Candle Candle
Organics for Lily Rebalance Me Tea Tea
Organics for Lily Rebalance Me Tea
Sale priceFrom $16.00 AUD
Mojo Moroccan Spice Wine Bottle Candle Candle
ANSC All Australian Gift Pack Soap - including Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus Euphoria, All Australian Tea Tree, Pure Macadamia, and Elemi & Kunzea
ANSC All Australian Gift Pack
Sale price$42.00 AUD
Food Cover SetFood Cover Set
4 My Earth Food Cover Set
Sale price$44.99 AUD
Solid State Wayfarer Cologne CologneSolid State Wayfarer Cologne Cologne
Hunter Lab Cleansing Facial Scrub 150ml Face and Body
Solid State Cruiser Cologne CologneSolid State Cruiser Cologne Cologne
Solid State Cruiser Cologne
Sale price$39.99 AUD
Hunter Lab 24 Hour Hand Sanitiser Hand SanitiserHunter Lab 24 Hour Hand Sanitiser Hand Sanitiser
Hunter Lab 24 Hour Hand Sanitiser
Sale priceFrom $26.00 AUD
Mojo Rose, Pepper and Black Mint Wine Bottle Candle Candle
Brush It On Bamboo Vegan Makeup Brush Set Face and BodyBrush It On Bamboo Vegan Makeup Brush Set
WWF Miombo Tumble Tower Puzzle
WWF Miombo Tumble Tower
Sale price$45.99 AUD
Top Walks in Australia Books
Top Walks in Australia
Sale price$36.99 AUD
Tightology Dotty Merino Wool Socks SocksTightology Dotty Merino Wool Socks Socks
Mojo Violet and Frosted Berries Wine Bottle Candle Candle
Mojo Mountain Pine Wine Bottle Candle --- LIMITED EDITION Candle
Blue Silk scarf Clothing
Nine Yaks Blue Silk Scarf
Sale price$39.00 AUD
Ultimate Road Trips Australia Book
Ultimate Road Trips Australia
Sale price$45.00 AUD