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Customise your own Valentine's Day Gift Hamper

Think repurposed, restored, or upcycled, organic, fair trade, and cruelty-free this Valentine’s Day!

Make your own hamper for your significant other and consciously celebrate love. Ditch those plastic balloons, cuddly viscose bears, air-freighted roses, and chocolates produced from non-fair trade cocoa, and get something straight from the heart and not at the cost of the environment!

To make it easy for you (because gifting for all kinds of love can be a brain teaser), we have compiled a selection of impressive hamper ideas that makes way to their heart in a pure and non-toxic way!

 Paper Pottery Planter Pot

1.For the Plant Lover

So how do you pick the best plant lovers hampers for same-day delivery in Melbourne?

If your partner is a green thumb, then consider an easy-to-care-for indoor plant such as a pothos or monstera – they will last a lot longer and are cheaper than a dozen red roses! A beautiful choice of pothos is the heart-shaped Epipremnum Satin on Ladder. And the Monstera options include Monstera Deliciosa (also known as Swiss Cheese Plant or Fruit Salad Plant), or the silver coloured Monstera Siltepecana Espalier on Ladder.

Along with a chosen plant, you can add some juicy varieties of tomato heirloom seeds, a Seed Kit (Balcony, Beginners, Beneficial Bugs or Culinary Herbs), Bee Seed Bombs, Gardener's Soap, a Paper Pottery ‘Love Naturally’ planter pot, and a love note written on seed paper!

 Sweet Tooth Tea Towel

2.For the Sweet Tooth

The sweetest way to say ‘I Love You’ to a sweet tooth is by gifting them a hamper filled with wholesome goodies that is all for the tip of the tongue!

Consider a hamper filled with Bellaberry’s ‘Recipe for Love’ Milk Chocolate,Loco for Cacao chocolates, Apiary Made’s Organic Jelly Bush Honey, Freeze Dried Davidson Plum from Australian Superfood Co., and even a baking book along with a set of Silicone Baking Mats for those dessert enthusiasts! And to top it up, you can also include the Grub's Up Sweet As Tea Towel – a literal dessert that focuses on the Aussie sweet tooth’s favourites such as Lamingtons, Freckles, Snot Block, Anzac Bickies, and more!


Vegan Bath Soaks

3.The Self-Care Hamper

Celebrate the ones you love with some simple indulgences. Show that you care by customising a gift basket of bath soaks, essential oils, or a bottle of artisanal chai!

While the Summer Salt Body’s bath soaks luxuriously help the muscles relax, Aromae’s Passion Trio-Pack is a sensual combo of Clary Sage, Rose, and Ylang Ylang oils. On the other hand, Chai Addict’s Dirty Chai is a naughty indulgence of an innocent, sweet chai seduced by a dirty, dark, yet handsome padre coffee bean.

Pretty Posy Room Spray 

4. A Hamper of Scents

10 out of 10 cupids will agree that there is nothing more romantic than a hamper of beautiful fragrances! Mojo Candle’s exclusive range of reclaimed wine and beer bottle soy wax candles that blends the sensual scents of nature is a gift like no other. Other great additions include Lil Bit’s light and floral Pretty Posy Room Spray or Thurlby Herb Farm’s Gondwana Clothing Protector - a beautifully scented product that also naturally perfumes and freshens your clothing while repelling insects.


 Vegan Soap Bar Absolute Avocado

5.Vegan Hamper for Him & Her

And here is the perfect hamper for your Vegan-tine!

A selection of Test Tube teas that relaxes, detoxes, or a sweet flavour of cool vanilla or intense lemongrass ginger is a therapeutic blend of love and care. Similarly, Summer Salt Body’s Love Essential Oil Roller infused with Rose Quartz oil with a Rose Quartz rollerball promotes love, compassion, kindness, and tenderness. And Wheat Straw Toothbrushes with bamboo charcoal-infused bristles from Brush it On and ANSC’s Absolute Avocado is the ultimate green bar soap - almost tempting to eat makes the perfect vegan addition to the zero-waste bathroom! Speaking of temptation, how can we forget Valentine's Day no-brainer – chocolates! Some lusty chocolates you can add to your vegan hamper include Bennetto’s Organic Dark Chocolate Mint and Cocoa Nibs, or Vego Hazelnut Chocolate. Browse through the Vegan Gifts collection for more exceptional additions!!


For more inspo and gifting ideas head to our Valentine's Gifts for Him & Her collection and create your own romantic gift hamper!


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Customise your own Valentine's Day Gift Hamper

Customise your own Valentine's Day Gift Hamper