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Next or Same Day Plant Delivery in Melbourne

Bringing plants into your home and office can increase the air quality and your well-being to a large extent. Now, more than ever, when the world is spending more time indoors, gifting a special gift that continues to grow, is indeed a brilliant choice in spreading positivity and boosting productivity!

Unlike flowers which only give a few days of enjoyment, a potted plant gives evergreen happiness offering beautiful lush foliage all year round. Not only are plant gifts hardier and more sustainable, but they’re also super versatile. Whether it is a birthday gift for your mom or a corporate gift for your Melbourne clients and or staff, there is an indoor plant for every personality and occasion!

Delivered right to your door, our plants make the perfect gift. Most of them come in a stonewashed pot, uniquely and sustainably wrapped with a personalised gift card. All our new wrapping papers and goodie bags are from recycled paper and we use paper twines and our signature love heart ribbons to finish them! 

We do contactless delivery 7 days a week, to any address in Melbourne that is within 15km. If further, please request Express Shipping for $15 as this item requires hand delivery and cannot go through Australia Post or standard courier. We love to bring smiles to faces and like to do something extra memorable while having your gift delivered. Customised gift wrapping, playing your favourite song, or an unexpected early delivery are some of those things that makes our customers go on cloud nine!!

So, show your love for nature and make yours or someone’s day special by gifting these leafy friends that are there to stay!


Ficus elastica burgundy


Considered the perfect plant for beginners, the Ficus Elastica Burgundy are very popular indoor plants that require bright, indirect sunlight, as well as little water.
Other ones are the Echeveria. One of the easiest plants to take care of, these succulents are some of the best indoor beginner plants with gorgeous textures and colours.



Succulents are a great choice for a casual celebration, like a housewarming, corporate gift, or farewell gift. For example, the Kokedama succulent which is very popular in modern house aesthetics comes from a combination of bonsai and kusamono styles. Try pairing this with our made in Melbourne 3D printed critter pots that are perfect for brightening up the space!


Peperomia Rosso

Plants with hints of pink or red great for romantic occasions or quirky bold personalities. Check out the Peperomia Rosso, a perfect eye-catcher with its red colour on the underside of the leaf.  


Spathiphyllum Peace Lily

Mom’s birthday? Or best friend’s baby shower? Gift something that flowers and that is low maintenance like the Spathiphyllum Peace Lily. This one is great to place in the bathroom with steamy, humid air, and lower light. Another choice is the Rhaphiolepis Oriental Pearl a compact low growing shrub producing an abundance of winter/spring flowers .


Monstera Deliciosa

A cool statement plant that is extremely stylish and trendy is the Monstera Deliciosa. Commonly known as the Swiss Cheese Plant or Fruit Salad Plant, these large jungle plants, popular for the holes in their leaves. For someone interested in bringing the tropical forest indoors, this might be the one!


Hanging Basket Rhipsalis

Want to gift or keep a beautiful plant but worried if the furry friends in the house will knock them down? Well, opt for Hanging Basket Rhipsalis with thin stems that combine together in a bunch and hang from the pot.


designer cactus

Gifting a cactus or getting yourself one for that matter can mean a lot of things. For one these succulents are survivors! So, yes this would be ideal for a strong fighter! And according to Feng Shui, these guys are protectors from negative energy, but be sure to place them on a windowsill or a terrace because placing them at the entrance might do the opposite!