Discover Nature's Elegance: One Happy Leaf's Sustainable Bamboo Jewellery Collection


Like choosing the best clothing choosing the best jewellery is also important in making a style statement. We always look for that flawless piece that goes good with our chosen outfit and at the same time is somewhat edgy and distinctive.

The problem however with mainstream jewellery is that its production can potentially harm nature. This is because, to obtain those shiny metals of gold, silver, platinum, white gold and gemstones that are used on precious metal jewellery is that the land must be mined which in turn destroys the natural landscape and harms animals and plants in the area. In addition to this loss of natural biodiversity, the process of mining also creates its chemical pollutants.

This said the art of combining fashion and sustainability in jewellery can be a tricky one especially when it comes to design. Along with its ethical production, we search for the perfect finish, texture, uniqueness, and durability. However sometimes the jewellery piece might look tacky, sometimes the wrong choice of material is used and sometimes just not the perfect finish or style.

One Happy Leaf’s jewellery collection is an answer to all these concerns. Established by an eternal optimist, suburban veggie grower, coffee lover and chronic cat cuddler, Anna who believes that that together we can make small sustainable changes to our lives to make the world better and greener than yesterday, designs this one of a kind finely finished jewellery pieces that are an eco-friendly alternative to mainstream jewellery.

Ranging from earrings brooches, hairpins, rings, bracelet, and even cute Christmas ornaments, these beautiful minimalistic jewellery are designed for nature lovers who want to do god for the planet without compromising on style and uniqueness. What is even more exciting is that for every jewellery piece purchased a tree is planted on your behalf!

Laser-cut from honey brown bamboo wood, One Happy Leaf in its pieces incorporates designs of mainly animals or birds. The idea behind this is that a portion of profits from the brand’s sales is donated to organisations such as Animals Australia, World Animals Protection and Free the Bears that are involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of abused animals. Also, the trees that are planted on your behalf are planted in areas requiring rehabilitation or ecological diversity to provide homes for cute animals.

Now why bamboo? Apart from its versatility in crafting various products and strength in combating changing atmospheric condition, there are many positive environmental reasons why bamboo is an excellent alternative to precious metals and gemstones. For one, unlike mining, the biodiversity of the area where the bamboo is grown is not affected by its production.

As One Happy Leaf points out, bamboo is not wood but grass and because it is grass, it will grow back, time and time again thanks to its number of root systems which will shoot a new bamboo year after year which makes it a quickly renewable resource. In addition to this, another environmentally friendly quality of bamboo is that it has no living pests and therefore needs no pesticide or fertilisers to maintain a healthy crop.

The bamboo used in One Happy Leaf’s jewellery comes from a part of the 12 million hectares of bamboo forest in the bamboo forest in China. The forest is divided into plantations and leased by different firms and the brand uses bamboo from one particular plantation for their jewellery. The species of bamboo used is Phyllostachys pubescens, Moso Bamboo which is not panda food so yes do not worry about them going hungry!

Pookipoiga’s eco-friendly jewellery range includes various pieces from One Happy Leaf that shows off your funky, sophisticated or trendsetting style together with expressing your love for animals and nature. 

While the Kookabura Brooch, is perfect for anyone who loves to hear the laughter of a cheeky kookaburra, the Whale Brooch perfect for the sea lover and the Sausage Dog Brooch for ones who love adorable pets.

Likewise, the earrings and hairpin collection include, cute Panda StudsEchidna HairpinsElephant Earrings, Fish EarringsSheep Hairpins, among others. The earrings have surgical steel studs to protect sensitive ears. Apart from animals and birds the collection also includes designs of a planet, aeroplane, rocket, hearts and so on. The jewellery pieces also include modern chunky bracelet and square rings that are two tone in design with wood on one side and white on reverse.

Besides these beautiful and unique jewellery pieces, One Happy Leaf also offers interesting Christmas ornaments which you get personalised. So go green this Christmas by decorating your tree with the Family with Hearts Christmas Ornament, or the Tree Christmas Ornament


So style up your eco-friendly lifestyle through choosing these rare and stand out art pieces that adds that nature-inspired beauty to the look you want!


Sustainable Jewellery Made from Bamboo in Melbourne

One Happy Leaf’s Sustainable Jewellery Made from Bamboo