Bringing plants into your home and office can increase the air quality and your well-being to a large extent. Now, more than ever, when the world is spending more time indoors, gifting a special gift that continues to grow, is indeed a brilliant choice in spreading positivity and boosting productivity!

Unlike flowers which only give a few days of enjoyment, a potted plant gives evergreen happiness offering beautiful lush foliage all year round. Not only are plant gifts hardier and more sustainable, but they’re also super versatile. Whether it is a birthday gift for your mom or a corporate gift for your Melbourne clients and or staff, there is an indoor plant for every personality and occasion!

Delivered right to your door, our plants make the perfect gift. Most of them come in a stonewashed pot, uniquely and sustainably wrapped with a personalised gift card. All our new wrapping papers and goodie bags are from recycled paper and we use paper twines and our signature love heart ribbons to finish them! 

We do contactless delivery 6 days a week, to all the suburbs in Melbourne up to 55kms. All you need to do is pick Local Delivery at checkout for automatically calculating for same day delivery!

We love to bring smiles to faces and like to do something extra memorable while having your gift delivered. Customised gift wrapping, playing your favourite song, or an unexpected early delivery are some of those things that makes our customers go on cloud nine!!

So, show your love for nature and make yours or someone’s day special by gifting these leafy friends that are there to stay!



Peperomia Polybotrya 120mm

Succulents are a great choice for a casual celebration, like a housewarming, corporate gift, or farewell gift. For example, the Peperomia Polybotrya which is very popular in modern house aesthetics used most often for ornamental indoor foliage.


Monstera Siltepecana Espalier on ladder

If you want a tropical vibe indoors, check out the fast growing (or climbing!) Monstera Siltepecana Espalier on ladder. With deep green leaves backed with silver grey, this one is a masterpiece!



Hanging Basket Rhipsalis

Want to gift or keep a beautiful plant but worried if the furry friends in the house will knock them down? Well, opt for Hanging Basket Rhipsalis with thin stems that combine together in a bunch and hang from the pot.


Epipremnum Satin on Ladder

And for that royal like touch, bring in the Epipremnum Satin on Ladder. These large, heart-shaped satin leaves with beautiful matte white markings give your windows or shelves elegance and beauty in their trails!

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