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Chocolates, Tea and Australian Superfoods

The best selection of ethical snacks and healthy beverages, that makes you feel good with every bite and sip!

Innovative, locally made, sustainable, and yummy chocolates and nibbles! Featuring a wide selection of flavours from BellaBerry, Bennetto, or Junee Licorice & Chocolate, take your pick of dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, keto, or vegan and indulge guilt-free!

And not just bars and nibbles, sip in some healthy delights as well!! Mork Hot Chocolate is the perfect companion for those chilly days. Hand crafted by Cacao Artisans of Melbourne, these diabetic-friendly blends are too delicious to put down!! And if you crave for native ingredients - The Australian Superfood Co. will have you covered with everything nutritious!

Ok, so you are not a chocolate lover, that’s perfectly fine because we have some wonderful chai flavours and organic tea blends that are as refreshing with the addition of being therapeutic!! Help find the right balance in life or get some good sleep with one cup and knock out all the worry!!


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Bellaberry 007 Dad Milk Chocolate Chocolate
Bellaberry 100mg of Happy Milk Chocolate Chocolate
Bellaberry Australian Animal Crossing Milk Chocolate Chocolate
Bon Voyage Map Milk Chocolate - Pookipoiga
Bellaberry Chocolate Survival Kit Milk Chocolate Chocolate
Bellaberry Chocoscopes Milk Chocolate Chocolate
Christmas Survival Milk Chocolate - Pookipoiga
Don’t Stop Believin’ Milk chocolate - Pookipoiga
Dr Chocolate Dark Chocolate - Pookipoiga
Bellaberry Emergency Chocolate Milk Chocolate
Bellaberry Emotional Rescue Milk Chocolate Chocolate
Bellaberry Fabulous Milk Chocolate Chocolate
Bellaberry Good-onya Mate Milk Chocolate Chocolate
Bellaberry Great Ocean Road Milk Chocolate Chocolate
Bellaberry Happy Birthday Balloons Milk Chocolate Chocolate
Bellaberry I'm A Little Sorry Milk Chocolate Chocolate
I'm Hollow Not Shallow Milk Chocolate - Pookipoiga
Bellaberry Koala Dots Milk Chocolate Chocolate
Letter to Santa Milk Chocolate - Pookipoiga
Bellaberry Marital Bliss Milk Chocolate
Merry & Bright Milk Chocolate - Pookipoiga
Merry Christmas Milk - Pookipoiga
Bellaberry No Weight Gain Milk Chocolate Chocolate
Bellaberry Nuts About You Milk Chocolate - same day delivery - melbourne