How to Practice Self-Care during Springtime

A time of new beginnings, transformations, and growth!  Spring is here, and it’s time to practice some self-love and care.

It’s easy to get caught up in the bustle of everyday life, and before you know it, the beautiful weather passes by. So before it gets over and we welcome another season, indulge in taking care of yourself and embrace new habits without any guilt because it’s indeed your loved ones who want to see you blooming with happiness!

So, here are some beautiful, natural (and effortless) self-care ideas you can indulge in during this blossoming season!


  • Detox your Skin and Hair

After months of applying thick, moisturizing products, a breath of fresh air is what your skin demands. Pamper them with a routine that includes cleansing and exfoliation and switching to lighter products with SPF. Make sure to focus on those feet and legs - you want them ready for skirts and sandals after months of boots and woollen tights!

Some skincare products packed with natural ingredients for this time around include Hunter Lab’s Pinot Body Scrub and SPF50+ Facial Sunscreen, Rohr Remedy’s Rosalina Face Cleanser, and Summer Salt Body’s Rose Clay Masque. As for the hair, running a hot and cold water wash, a coconut oil treatment, and frizz-free shampoos and conditioners are enough to let those locks loose!


  • Sip some Herbal tea

Start your day, or end your day with some floral blends! Light and aromatic, delicate and dreamy, hot or cold, floral teas are sure to get you in the spirit of spring!

For some relaxation after a long day, Organics for Lily’s Knock Me Out with its chamomile, lemonbalm, passionflower, and other ingredients is a perfect blend for someone with difficulty falling asleep . And if the right balance is all you need for an effective spring, the Rebalance Me Tea works wonders with its rose petals and hibiscus for chronic stress and exhaustion!


  • Honey for Hay Fever

Sneeze, cough, or itch with the pollen in the air? One of the best natural remedies for hay fever is honey! Native to Australia (but part of the same family as the New Zealand ‘Manuka’), the sweeter  , produced by bees that feed on the nectar of the Leptospermum flowers, is a scientifically proven healing and immune booster with its anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
For other simple allergy cures, head to our blog: Natural Remedies for Hay Fever and get through the blooming season!


  • Bring in the Essence of Essential Oils Everywhere

Diffusing essential oils is a great way to bring freshness and springtime aromas into your space. And what is fresher than the scents of citrus blends?

Perfect for spring cleaning, nothing says clean like the smell of lemons that lifts feelings of sluggishness. And yes, the sweet fragrance of orange reduces tension while supporting the immune system, while the bright aroma of grapefruit uplifts the mood and brings in positivity. Not to forget, catching a cheerful whiff of lime renews the mind and spirit, bringing a sense of excitement! Essential oils support a healthy relationship with your body which makes it a must-have for self-love!


  • Indulge in Salads

A diet filled with seasonal veggies and fruits? What is more, satisfying than that for the gut! Head to Farmers Market for inspiration and fresh produce (do not forget to carry those reusable bags!). You are not only helping yourself but also your local community. You  can also try out some quick vegan meals with Five Ingredient Vegan and treat yourself with simple, sustainable, and healthy recipes!


  • Embrace Opening Your Window

Apart from spring cleaning the windowsills and window tracks, open your windows now and then and invite the season inside. The light, the breeze, the fragrance helps improve physical and mental health if you've been hibernating all winter.

Also, match what you see outside by placing some flowers or plants by the window sill. Some recommended plants include creepers like Epipremnum Satin on Ladder. These beauties that thrive well in bright indirect light make an excellent addition to your home décor while boosting your mood.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • Cosy lighting with scented candles

It’s indeed those little things that make one happy. And it can be as simple as lighting a dreamy, fresh fragrant candle that conjures the mood of the season. A complex union of bamboo foliage and rich green florals, Mojo's Himalayan Bamboo Beer Bottle Candle brings inside the freshness and smooth serenity of spring without any allergies!!


  • Plant flowers and Spend Time in the Garden

There is something about digging dirt, sowing seeds, and spreading soil that helps overcome uncertainty and anxiety.  And if the crop you sow is admirable and edible – it is a bonus! Edible flowers fulfil a key companion role in the veggie patch - encouraging predators and pollinators to play - and offer a range of subtle tastes, textures, and colours at mealtime. Little Veggie Patch’s Nasturtium, Cornflower, Sunflower, Hyssop, and Calendula contribute to a beautiful and healthy garden.

And while you are at it, try setting up bee hotels and placing bee seed bombs on the soil surface. Nothing more tranquil than a buzzing blooming garden!


  • Clean and Organise your Closet

If you are a naturally unorganised person, here is your chance to experience the strangely unrivaled sense of accomplishment that an orderly closet may provide!

So pull off everything and start by purging as to what you need and do not need. Donating stuff to charity is impactful and gives the feel-goods. Also, in the process, consider replacing those warm-weather clothes and shoes with skirts, floral print masks, scarves, and other accessories. You can tuck away the out-of-season stuff in big boxes.  After this, do some dusting and place some natural drawer sachets and clothing protectors to keep those bugs on the bay.

The power of a well-organized space and a closet should never be underestimated!


  • Enjoy a picnic on your own!

Synonymous to springtime, picnics are the best way to enjoy the beauty outside. And guess what? It’s even better for your well-being if you can do it alone! Time outside not only benefits physical health, but one can also benefit from some meditation and self-reflection. So pack your Folding Picnic Table, some food in airtight containers or beeswax wraps, along with books, a journal, or a puzzle, and head to the local park or your backyard, and enjoy some me-time!

Spring season self-care ideas

How to Practice Self-Care during Springtime