Quite often we are asked: 'What's good to do/see/eat in Richmond?; The options are endless because we are surrounded by such a large number of amazing parks, restaurants, stores and sights, so we wanted to make a list. We love lists!
The staff at Pookipoiga sat down and we all put our heads together to create blogs about our favourite places to visit in Richmond.


Without a doubt this is one of our absolute staples here at Pookipoiga.  In fact, it's a staple for everyone in the east of Melbourne! If we could live there, we most certainly would!


photo courtesy : Tofu shop international

Established in 1982, the Tofu Shop has been making its own delicious tofu and serving a diverse selection of dishes with flavours that are both unique and scrumptious. They create 'Nigari Tofu' with traditional Japanese hand crafting techniques, which is a bean curd of superior flavour and texture. One of the things we love about the Tofu shop is their focus on and commitment to fresh, healthy food that sustains the mind, body and  soul. 

They also reflect our ethos surrounding environmental sustainability, as they have always recycled all their glass, plastic, metal, cardboard and paper, as well as composting all of their organic waste. The wonderful owners do this at their own expense and with the help of many enthusiastic environmentalists. Additionally, in recent years they have changed their cleaning products to varieties that are made of a natural colloidal mineral solution. This sustainable change means that harsh chemicals are not being put down the drain or contaminating the food chain.

The Tofu Shop are reasonably priced and try very hard to cater to all sorts of dietary requirements, such as gluten, nuts, dairy, chilli, garlic, onion and mushrooms (to name a few). Another fab thing is that the menu is constantly changing with the seasons and vegetable availability, which means that for every visit, you will be surprised!

Find the Tofu Shop opposite the Epworth Hospital on 78 Bridge Road. Look for the health food sign, if you can't find them. Tram routes 48 and 75 – street parking is best in the evening - but public transport or human-powered transport is always best :)
Eat in or take-away. They also do catering! http://tofushop.com.au
The Tofu Shop International - Pookipoiga

The Tofu Shop International

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