Another year has flown by and we are ready to party for the month of December. We’re dreaming of the endless events that Christmas seems to bring out, so we want to kick off December with a bang.
Join us as we celebrate whatever your heart desires – Christmas, life, love, family, beer, equality, cats
December 1st from 5-8pm.
64 Bridge rd, Richmond
Pop instore for a cheeky wine, a fruity sangria or a delicious punch and let us wow you with our Pookipoiga awesomeness! We will have a couple of local artists doing some quirky individualised designs on your wrapping paper. Get ready for Christmas now!
Nine Yaks have also jumped on the bandwagon and are offering a cheeky 50% off all cashmere instore - but only for the night, so you'd better get in quick! I can't promise that there will be enough to go around.
If you manage to get in early enough, you might even snag yourself a delicious Mörk Iced Chocolate, or some Raw Integrity chocolate samples.
At Pookipoiga, we like to dance to the beat of our own drums, and this Christmas is no different. We’re nothing like the little drummer boy, though, so don’t expect coordinated percussion.


Christmas Soirée

Christmas Soirée

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