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Corporate gifting is the response to anything, whether it’s about the trust of the current customer/client, getting new ones, inspiring the employees, or simply showing the love and respect for them!

Fabulous corporate gifts make your clients and staff know you care for them and you value the relationship you have with them. This said, handmade, artisanal, and sustainably made client and customer gifts are more desirable and memorable than other gifts given by businesses. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider gifts that give back to earth because these showcase your commitment to environmental responsibility and build loyalty to employees and clients.

Going green in your gifting says 5 things about your business:

  • You value your commitment to the company/business.
  • Presenting gifts like plants shows your care towards the environment and contribution towards protecting the ecology.
  • Due to the personalised nature of sustainable gifts, you are focused on gift-giving to be based on your client’s and employee's needs and interests.
  • You care for the planet and want to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • You would like to inspire everyone to do and think the same.

Here is a list of amazing eco friendly corporate gifts below $20 from Melbourne that make an impact on your business relations and the earth!!


1. Recycled Ink from Lousy Ink

recycled ink pen

Encouraging sustainable creative practices, this brand founded by two artists sources their ink from upcycled inkjet printer cartridges within Australia. Saving them from ending up in landfills, empty cartridges are collected, crushed, and filtered to recycle the plastics and all the remaining ink bottling them into new use! The Lousy Liner are refillable pens that uses recycled black ink and flows effortlessly. An interesting choice for the new office stationery as well!


2. Aboriginal Face Masks and Some Quirky Sanitisers!

aboriginal printed face masks

Using some amazing fabrics, the Alperstein Designs made up a range of Australian made 100% cotton face masks featuring beautiful Aboriginal Artwork. A filter pocket on the inside of the mask, adjustable nose wire for a close fit, and elastic loops that fit around your ears to hold the mask in place. Plus a single-use filter, where you can use extra fabrics or tissues and replace them frequently for added filtering. This functional art prevents the spread of germs and supports Indigenous artists at the same time!
Pair these up with some quirky sanitizers from Blue Q that is 65% alcohol-free. Heeeyyy Maaa Corona!!One Night Stand Hand SanitizerIt's Just Dust, Stop touching your face! or Maybe You Touched COVID-19, a bit of humour along with self-care during these testing times might be a good way to lighten up!


3. Eye Pillows

Sitting glued to the computer for hours can strain those eyes. Show your employees or clients that you care by gifting eye pillows from Sabine & Sparrow. A little weight on those heavy eyelids helps balance the nervous system, soothes the eyes, and calms the mind! Filled with locally sourced natural linseed these small but powerful healing tools are gentle on the sensitive eye area creating tranquillity all around you! With those screen times on the rise, heated eye pillows are one of the best remedies for dry eyes.


4. Therapeutic Tea Blends

herbal tea blends

Hard find the right balance especially from working from home these days with a whole lot of stuff to manage? Balancing, nourishing, and refreshing, the Rebalance Me Tea from Organics for Lily handmade in Melbourne is the perfect herbal blend that should take care of stress and exhaustion your staff and team!


5. Seed Cards and Tags

plantable paper

Show that you care for nature and inspire the other’s to do the same with seed cards from Planet Go Round. The 5 Pack Seed Paper – Plantable Paper is the best choice for customised corporate goodbye cards. For $2 you can create 10 (A6 = A5 folded) cards of your own. You're contributing to a gorgeous, sometimes edible garden by simply planting these A4 paper sheets under 3mm of soil and watering them well! And you don’t have to limit it to just cards, the Swan river Daisy Seed Gift Tags work the same way too! Just attach to any gift and you get to send out a personalised message and the motivation to grow! Yes, that’s right these papers end up going in the soil and not the bin!


6. Indoor Plants 

indoor plant

A unique way to show your dedication to sustainability, social responsibility, and ongoing growth is to give an indoor plant as a corporate gift to your clients or employees! Studies have shown that indoor plants remove harmful toxins from our environments and elevate our moods, reducing stress and negative emotions while boosting productivity! Perfect for workspaces and perfect work companions!
Some lovely plants below $20 are Echeveria with Stonewash pot, Peperomia angulata, or cactus from Dans Plants. 


7. Hand Printed Hankies

hankey fever

Offering a modern take on the traditional handkerchief that is produced in Melbourne, Australia, the Hanky Fever collection includes fun and stylish hankies made with 100% cotton. The exciting 'Australian' range like Desert Wind, Kangaroo + Joey, Wombat, Koala, or Australia Sunshine makes wonderful souvenir gifts for foreign customers or clients!


8. Cards and Chocolates

congradulations card

Bring a smile to your co-workers or employees with fun and  sustainable chocolates and cards! Bellaberry’s  Keep being AwesomeBearableEmergency ChocolateMan Flu Dark ChocolateBee AwesomeWhen Life Gives you Lemons or just Thanks are some yummy treats that use Rainforest Alliance cocoa in their milk and dark chocolate. The Rainforest Alliance provides cocoa farmers across Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia with the tools and incentives to farm sustainably.
Choices of hand-illustrated cards include SpectacularThings we almost got for your leaving present, Thanks for Bringing your A game


For more options for gift ideas below $20 check out our collection: Awesome Gifts Under $20 and feel free to create your own corporate gift hamper!


8 Best Environmentally Friendly Corporate Gifts for Under $20

8 Best Environmentally Friendly Corporate Gifts for Under $20