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Baby Shower

Pick out the best Eco-Conscious Baby Shower Gifts here! From fair-trade crocheted toys to reusable baby food pouches, these adorable products are crafted for the modern bub who will begin to take his or her first steps in becoming an eco-warrior!!

And if you want to gift someone pregnant, check out our Pregnancy Gift Ideas collection for a range of pampering goodies for the expectant mum!


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Well done on your new baby. Remember it's just like getting a kitten, only less important Cards
Things I almost got you for your pregnancy - Able and Game Card Cards
Welcome to the Hood - Able and Game Card Cards
Tiny Human Cards
Tiny Human
Sale price$6.00 AUD
Push It Baby - Pookipoiga
Turtle Seed Card Cards
Turtle Seed Card
Sale price$7.00 AUD
Pack Horse - Pookipoiga
Love Joy Poo - Pookipoiga
Love Joy Poo - Wally Paper Co
Sale price$7.00 AUD
Special Delivery - Pookipoiga
Crazy Can’t Believe We’re Having Babies - Wally Paper Co Cards
All I Want For Christmas - Wally Paper Co Cards
Hope You Like You’re X-mas Present - Wally Paper Co Cards
Baby Rainbow - beautiful mix of chromosones - Pookipoiga
I Can't Wait to Cuddle - Wally Paper CoI Can't Wait to Cuddle - Wally Paper Co
You Totally Got Screwed - Wally Paper Co
Sabine & Sparrow Dummy Saver BabySabine & Sparrow Dummy Saver Baby
Sabine & Sparrow Dummy Saver
Sale price$8.00 AUD
Herb Mix Seed Gift Tags (10 pack) - Pookipoiga
World's Best Mum Milk Chocolate - Pookipoiga
Reusable Squeeze Pouch - pack of 2 Food pouch
Sold out
Thurlby Herb Farm Baby 100% Olive Oil Soap Soap
Sabine & Sparrow Aqua Houndstooth Bib Bib
Sabine & Sparrow Mona Bib Bib
Sabine & Sparrow Mona Bib
Sale price$12.99 AUD
Friendly baby carrot Toy
Friendly baby carrot
Sale price$14.99 AUD
Australian ABC of Animals Kids Book Books
ABC of Australian Animals
Sale priceFrom $14.99 AUD