Knit Wear

Winter Clothing

Wrap yourself in beautiful knitwear and woven and say goodbye to the winter blues!

Luxurious 100% cashmere shawls and wraps, merino wool tights and socks, or beanies and fingerless gloves. Ethically stunning warmers to stay snug as a bug during the cold season!

On how to take care of cashmere read:


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Cashmere Comb Cashmere Comb
Nine Yaks Cashmere Comb
Sale price$9.95 AUD
Save $40.00 AUD
Cashmere Poncho PonchoCashmere Poncho Poncho
Nine Yaks Cashmere Poncho
Sale priceFrom $99.00 AUD Regular price$139.00 AUD
Save $30.00 AUD
Luxury Series Cashmere Shawls ShawlLuxury Series Cashmere Shawls Shawl
Nine Yaks Luxury Series Cashmere Shawls
Sale price$149.00 AUD Regular price$179.00 AUD
Save $50.00 AUD
Cashmere Button Poncho - dark blueCashmere Button Poncho - yellow
Nine Yaks Cashmere Button Poncho - 16 colours
Sale priceFrom $99.00 AUD Regular price$149.00 AUD
Merino Wool Fingerless Gloves gloveMerino Wool Fingerless Gloves glove
Fine Cashmere Stole ScarfFine Cashmere Stole Scarf
Nine Yaks Fine Cashmere Stole
Sale price$119.00 AUD
Amélie Jersey - 4 Colours ClothingAmélie Jersey - 4 Colours Clothing
Giant Pom Pom Wool Beanie BeanieGiant Pom Pom Wool Beanie Beanie
Save $10.00 AUD
Cashmere-shawl-affordableNine Yaks 100% Pashmina/Cashmere Assorted Shawls
Nine Yaks 100% Pashmina/Cashmere Assorted Shawls
Sale price$69.00 AUD Regular price$79.00 AUD
Tightology Dotty Merino Wool Socks SocksTightology Dotty Merino Wool Socks Socks
Save $50.00 AUD
Natural Cashmere Poncho - 8 colours PonchoNatural Cashmere Poncho - 8 colours Poncho
Nine Yaks Natural Cashmere Poncho - 8 colours
Sale priceFrom $119.00 AUD Regular price$169.00 AUD
Save $30.00 AUD
Cable Knit natural cashmere Shawl AccessoriesCable Knit natural cashmere Shawl Accessories
Nine Yaks Cable Knit Natural Cashmere Shawl
Sale price$169.00 AUD Regular price$199.00 AUD
Save $20.00 AUD
Cashmere Sweater SweaterCashmere Sweater Sweater
Nine Yaks Cashmere Sweater
Sale price$99.00 AUD Regular price$119.00 AUD
Knitted Cashmere Shawl AccessoriesKnitted Cashmere Shawl Accessories
Nine Yaks Knitted Cashmere Shawl
Sale price$169.00 AUD
Tightology Luxe Merino Wool Tights TightsTightology Luxe Merino Wool Tights Tights
Tightology Luxe Merino Wool Tights
Sale priceFrom $42.00 AUD
Natural Cashmere Shawl - Light Brown Accessories
Otto and Spike - Melbourne - AUSTRALIAN COTTON - SOCKSOtto and Spike - Melbourne - AUSTRALIAN COTTON - SOCKS
Natural Cashmere Shawl - Light Grey - Pookipoiga
Tightology Tiber Merino Wool Tights TightsTightology Tiber Merino Wool Tights Tights
Zoé Cashmere Cape ClothingZoé Cashmere Cape Clothing
Nine Yaks Zoé Cashmere Cape
Sale price$229.00 AUD
Cable Knit Cashmere Shawl Dyed AccessoriesCable Knit Cashmere Shawl Dyed Accessories
Tightology Staple Merino Wool  TightsTightology Staple Merino Wool Tights
Tightology Staple Wool Tights
Sale price$42.00 AUD
Tightology Short Dotty Unisex SocksTightology Short Dotty Unisex Socks
Tightology Short Dotty Socks
Sale price$32.00 AUD
Tightology Montemartini Merino Wool Tights TightsTightology Montemartini Merino Wool Tights Tights