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Tiny impact making a big difference!

We did it! We have been open for two years, whilst continuing to spread our goodness like the plague. Through our small actions, we are making a big difference, touching many lives, especially when retail is a tough gig. We can't show our gratitude enough to all the people who have worked together with us, including the artist, brands and the people who thoughtfully support POOKIPOIGA. While the biggest impact we make is through the avoidance of reusable things making their way into landfill and helping people to live as naturally as possible, some of the small impacts we have helped to make happen are:

  1. Donating over 12,500 meals (and counting!!) to our homeless through OzHarvest and Secondbite, all while fighting food waste;
  2. Nearly 3000 trees have been planted in Australia and Kenya through Trees For the Future (through brands like One Happy LeafConscious Step AND Eco Bling);
  3. 1200 days of HIV treatment provided through UNAIDS (Conscious Step);
  4. Over 700 books have been given to children in need through Room to Read (Frank Stationery and Conscious Step);
  5. The provision of 126,000 days of clean water through (Conscious Step); and
  6. 1,320 Therapeutic Food Packs through Action Against Hunger (Conscious step).

We have also raised nearly $2,000 for One Voice (with the help of Nine Yaks) to help them to provide the homeless with free showers, laundry facilities and hygienic products. One Voice also makes sure that young vulnerable people are provided with a 'hand up, not a handout' - their vision is to restore peoples' dignity and hope, providing practical human services and opportunities for a better future.
There are several other causes attached to each different products that we sell some of the causes which we indirectly support through are (the brands in the bracket):
We also help encourage sustainable practices by providing great composting tools for apartments like Bokashi Bin and reusable tea/water bottles. There are also brands like Raw Integrity, who give 10% of their sales to different charities each month! 
For the biggest impact of reducing landfill and fighting waste, to put them in numbers we might need help from some universities (if you know anyone keen on those research areas along the lines of environmentalism, please send them along to us).
Now you know a bit more about us! If you haven't come along for one of our events, or you'd simply like to know all of our secrets, please subscribe here for our newsletter. Alternatively, follow us on social media channels (if you would like to get frequent updates: here you will find some of the humans and animal neighbours who come and visit us, tips and tricks for design-oriented sustainable living, as well as our chai/sangria/mulled wine sessions) like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook.

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  • KAye JOnes

    You all should be very proud of what you achieve I think you are all awesome
    I enjoy going in to your shop it has a wonderful ambience and the staff are fun.

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