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Ever imagined whether, bicycle tubes, fire hoses, or recycled packaging paper can be transformed into stylish bags, belts, cufflinks, or wallets? Well yes because brands like Alchemy Goods, Elvis & Kresse, and The Wren Design have taken up the creative challenge in making this possible with the goal of circumventing landfill along with giving back like sharing 50% of profits to fire fighters charity!

Wait, there’s more! Stylish and practical cashmere shawls from Nine Yaks are suitable for all seasons and Fabric Drawer’s multi-use zip purse adorned with floral prints on a lovely textured cotton/linen and lined with natural cotton fabric is the perfect carrier of make-up, valuables, or even stationary! Hanky Fever’s tourist hankies scream Australiana, while the Tyvek® wallets from Paperwallet is functional art all the way!

And let’s not forget the most essential accessory nowadays –face masks!! Reusable, Ana Williams has it all covered using recycled cotton and flannelette fabric with an upcycled from copper insulated tubing bendable nose wire!