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Plastic-free July 2019 Ideas

Can you believe it’s already July?! Which means it’s time for us to join the Plastic-Free July challenge 💪  Whilst it’s easy to use a lot of plastic, with a little bit of awareness (they do say “knowledge is power”), it’s just as easy to use more friendly alternatives.  Whether you’re new to Plastic-Free July (🙌) or live plastic-free daily (you super star 🌟), hopefully the below ideas will help you choose to refuse single-use plastics, and make it much less daunting! Simple & easy changes to refuse single-use plastics: Plastic shopping bags ➡️ Reusable tote bags Straws ➡️ Metal/bamboo straws Takeaway containers ➡️ try these leak proof Glass containers or stainless steel or eat in! Coffee cups ➡️ Keep Cups/ other reusable coffee cups or take 5...

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The Tofu Shop International

Quite often we are asked: 'What's good to do/see/eat in Richmond?; The options are endless because we are surrounded by such a large number of amazing parks, restaurants, stores and sights, so we wanted to make a list. We love lists! The staff at Pookipoiga sat down and we all put our heads together to create blogs about our favourite places to visit in Richmond. TOFU SHOPWithout a doubt this is one of our absolute staples here at Pookipoiga.  In fact, it's a staple for everyone in the east of Melbourne! If we could live there, we most certainly would! photo courtesy : Tofu shop international Established in 1982, the Tofu Shop has been making its own delicious tofu and serving a...

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