Quirky Gifts for the Dad who Loves his Drink!

This Father’s Day we bring a list of exciting gifts for the man who loves his drink! Ok, so we don’t really sell alcohol (yes so don’t expect beer or wine bottles yet - they might be something we are considering) but hey we do have a whole lot of unique and interesting stuff like books, jigsaw puzzles, tools, and candles that will surely cheer the boozer lover in him!


Whiskey Chillers

Its granite and soapstone on the rocks!! Sustainable, practical, and ideal for ice-cold drink lovers Gentlemen’s Hardware’s Whiskey Stones are ice-cubes that can be used again and again! Simply pop in the freezer four hours before use and drop it in the drink. Chilled without dilution!!



Bartender’s Mixology Kit

Including a muddler, jigger and cocktail shaker made of stainless steel, this Bartender's Mixology Kit again from Gentlemen's Hardware is perfect for making cocktails of your choice! From mojitos to martinis, this one contains all the essentials needed to create the perfect tipple.


Cheese & Wine Multi-Tool 

Crack open a bottle or can and spread or cut any type of cheese! A must-have tool for the cheese and wine lover, this ingenious Cheese and Wine Multi-Tool also from Gentlemen's Hardware is perfect for use at home for a dinner party or on-the-go at a picnic. Wine and dine!



Serving Paddle & Shot Glasses

Cheers, Salute, Gambie, Prost! Featuring an acacia wood serving plank with a painted black handle, a real leather tie for hanging and space for the four shot glasses, this Gentlemen's Hardware Shot Paddle & Glasses is all about Giving Your Best Shot!!

Time to Wine Down 

Candles that speak! Damselfly’s non-toxic soy-based wax, hand-poured in Australia is perfect for dads who like to relax with soothing aroma while they sip their wine. With what it says along with fresh, crisp inhales of apple, clove bud, and anjou pear with a hint of white musk, vanilla bean, and sweet citrus florals makes one sit down and truly enjoy their senses.  


The Drunken Botanist

In this book, Amy Stewart explores the dizzying array of herbs, flowers, trees, fruits, and fungi that humans have, through ingenuity, inspiration, and sheer desperation, contrived to transform into alcohol over the centuries. The book also offers growing tips for gardeners along with fifty drink recipes. Let your dad be the most popular guest at any cocktail party!



The Beer Bucket List or The Beer Bucket List (travel size)

An ultimate bucket list for every beer lover, this book features a collection of over 150 beer experiences around the world! Combining travel, city guides, food and history, The Beer Bucket List takes you around the globe, via traditional old British pubs, quirky Belgian bars, brilliant Bavarian brauhauses, spots to enjoy delicious food and beer, the hop gardens of New Zealand, Southeast Asia’s buzzing streets, amazing beer festivals, unique beer styles, pioneering breweries, and the best new craft brewers. A must-read for the beer enthusiast! 



The Craft Beer Dictionary

Stylish and deep, this guide brings to light many complex terms and techniques, equipment, and varieties that go into creating the perfect beer. Hundreds of entries cover every aspect of the craft beer world, from ingredients, brewing and storing through to tasting notes for the many different styles of beer available today. Written by award-winning beer expert Richard Croasdale and with stunning illustrations throughout, The Craft Beer Dictionary is an essential guide for the craft beer drinker.



Ridley’s Whiskey Lovers Jigsaw Puzzle

Fix your drink with this exhilarating puzzle! Featuring a collection of whiskey regions, tasting notes, and cocktails, this is the perfect gift for any whiskey lover!



Ridley’s Beer Lovers Jigsaw Puzzle

Similarly, learn about popular beer varieties and regions when solving this beautiful, hand-illustrated puzzle. A collection of beers, lagers, pilsners, and ales that is 'pitcher perfect'!



Quirky Gifts for the Dad who Loves his Drink!

Quirky Gifts for the Dad who Loves his Drink!