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“The reason birds can fly and we can't is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.” ― J.M. Barrie, The Little White Bird


Birds are one of the most exciting parts of our ecosystem. Along with being excellent pest controllers, pollinators, and seed dispersers keeping farmers in business, they also protect our drinking water by preventing erosion, maintain the furniture industry by supplying timber, and additionally foster ecotourism through bird watching.

Each species of birds are known for their unique function and personality that keeps our planet vibrant and alive. For instance, Australia’s famous birds such as the Magpie feeds on scarab beetle - a major pest of garden lawns. The social Kookaburras recognized for their distinctive laughter which sounds like the echoing human laughter is widely used in filmmaking and television productions. Similarly one of the most common and widespread cockatoos, the loud and bold galah also identified as the pink and grey cockatoo, plays a major role in aviculture. And the national bird, the emu is a specialized seed disperser that leaves fertilized seed-carrying deposits behind its droppings.

This said, with all these abilities, characteristics, and visual appeal and contribution to the health of the ecosystem, it is vital to protect our birds from environmental threats such as water pollution, landfill, and climate change. As Roger Tory Peterson quotes, “Birds are indicators of the environment. If they are in trouble, we know we'll soon be in trouble.” The 3 best and most simple ways we can protect birds are by avoiding plastic products as many birds mistake this waste for food and consume it. Steer clear of chemical pesticides on plants and start incorporating organic farming. And lastly, protect them from your pets (yes cats and dogs tend to reveal their mean side when it comes to birds!).

To mark World Migratory Bird Day and show that we care about these precious sounds of nature let’s celebrate the beauty of birds with amazing eco-friendly products that glorify them! From accessories to toys, the bird is incorporated into various sustainable crafts that are not only visually pleasing but practical too!



Add a splash of color to your outfit with Nine Yaks bird printed cotton scarves such as the Multicoloured Bird ShawlOrange Bird Shawl, White Bird Shawl, or the Green Bird Shawl and feel the goodness and freedom of slow fashion with birds flying all around!  

If hand printed bird designs are on cloth there hand-designed birds are on bamboo here. Laser-cut from honey brown bamboo wood, One Happy Leaf in its pieces incorporates designs of mainly animals and birds. While the Kookaburra Brooch and Kookaburra Studs are perfect for anyone who loves to hear the laughter of a cheeky kookaburra, the Emu Brooch represents Australia and can be gifted as a lovely souvenir. On the other hand, for those who are superstitious, the Origami Crane Studs may just bring you good fortune!



Which child doesn’t wish to fly? The Eguchi Mobile Bird – Baby Bird is a moving mobile that gives an impression of a gliding bird in nature – a wooden toy brings out a child’s imagination to reality! The Penguin 100 Piece Puzzle which features an adorable photo of penguins from the award-winning WWF photography portfolio is great for the little hands. Rainbows and Clover’s hand-dyed and hand-felted woolen Felt Pink Flamingo Garland is a gorgeous decoration for the kids’ bedroom or anywhere in your home and Pebble Toys' handmade crocheted Flamingo Rattle will keep the babies pleasantly distracted for a long time. 


Seed Cards

As mentioned earlier, birds have helped to shape the plant life we see around us and the world through their services as pollinators or seed dispersers. They bring plants back to ecosystems that have been destroyed and even carry plants across the sea to new landmasses. To honor these services that support the natural cycles, let’s plant some seed cards with birds on them! Paper-Go-Round’s Emu Seed Card, Swans Seed Card, or Pelican Seed Card grows into beautiful plants just like birds themselves. Made from recycled paper the emu and swan contain live bottle bush seeds and the pelican live Australian Swan River Daisy seeds. 

If it’s only about designs Able and Game’s Bird Range greeting cards have simple and beautiful bird designs that are perfect as thank you cards or for a wedding or anniversary. Bright and colorful, once used, they could be framed as artworks to remember the occasion by.


Books, Art, and Hankies

 If you are looking to read up for more info about certain birds, books such as Backyard Chickens: How to Keep Happy Hens or Kookaburra Kookaburra are a great study about birdlife whether it’s domestic or wild. And for the art lovers, if you are looking for decor for your home, Georgie Daphne’s Bird Print is a bold and beautiful inspiration taken from the natural world. 

Likewise, if you want to keep Australian birds in your pocket or quite simply on the walls Hanky Fever’s Galah, Lavender Magpie or Cockatoo  hankies might just be the ones. Hand printed on cotton this modern and whimsical twist on the modern hanky is adorned with colourful prints of amazing Australian birds. In other words, functional art that features the multi-functional bird!

World Migratory Bird Day with Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers

World Migratory Bird Day with Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers