When it comes to skincare we should care about not compromising. What is applied outside our bodies does matter when it comes to our overall health and well-being in the longer run.

Regular soaps or perfumes that are made up of petroleum-based lathering agents, synthetic fragrances, harsh dyes, and dangerous preservatives leads to skin irritation and other diseases. Moreover, detergent in soaps breaks the surface tension of the water which we may not notice but is crucial. This causes lower surface tension which leads to the low oxygen level in the ocean which in turn harms fish and other aquatic wildlife.

So would you buy something so essential and do the risk of harming your skin or the environment eventually? Or would you be thoughtful and nurture your skin with something powerful yet gentle like Mother Nature?

Cruelty-free, vegan, and palm oil-free, The Australian Natural Soap Company (ANSC) is formulated to pamper and enrich your skin in a delightfully eco-friendly way. Sourcing natural ingredients from within Australia, the ANSC believes that the environment knows well when it comes to nourishing, and sustaining healthy beautiful skin. The brand only uses the highest quality plant oils to create soap, offers a skincare range for all skin types.

In addition to using all-natural ingredients, ANSC is also planet-friendly in its packaging. Instead of plastic bottles, the brand uses only brown paper that is either recycled or made from renewable timber. Through minimum packaging, the soaps are also cheaper by half a kilo or a kilo. The soap holders and boxes are made out of reclaimed wood giving it a new lease on life.

All-natural and handmade in Melbourne, ANSC mostly uses high-quality oils that are produced by Australian farmers. The soaps are pH balanced manufactured in a special soap making process which froths up nicely giving a deeper clean, moisturises and nourishes.

Some of the main ingredients used in these amazing products are:

Avacado: Extracted from the fleshy green pulp, pure avocado oil is more deeply absorbed than other oils that carry nutrients to the skin’s deepest levels while being gentle on it. Extremely hydrating, avocado oil has the highest level of Vitamin E of any fruits with anti-aging properties. It is also the only plant oil to contain Vitamin D, which is vital for skin health.

Macadamia Oil: The uniqueness of this nut’s oil is its high concentration of palmitoleic acid which is an important component of human sebum. The oil softens, lubricates and protects the skin protein structures and helps moisture lose.

Olive: Olive oil has been used by women in the Mediterranean for centuries as an effective skin conditioner. It’s packed with phenolic antioxidants that help destroy the free radicals that work to age your skin.

Grapeseed: An extremely light oil, Grapeseed is great for oily and combination skin. its strong antioxidant properties are particularly good for aging skin types as it promotes collagen restoration and works on free radicals that age our skin.

Sweet Almond: Being a non-greasy and lubricating natural oil that is easily absorbed makes sweet almond oil an excellent moisturizing ingredient in soap. It is believed that the oil was first used on the skin by ancient Hindus as a body cleanser.

Apricot Kernel: Also a very light oil that lubricates the skin and is easily absorbed, Apricot Kernel is packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants which makes it an excellent moisturiser for dry, aging and damaged skin type.

Coconut: Coconut oil has been used as a moisturiser for centuries in the tropics and has also been used to help reduce inflammation and to take the red out of sunburn, rashes, and wounds. Its unique combination of medium-chain fatty acids makes it an easy absorbent moisturiser without being greasy.

Rice Bran Oil: Extracted from the outer layer of the rice kernel, Rice bran oil has been used for centuries in Japan as a beautifying skin moisturiser. Its rich powerful antioxidants, including complex B and E vitamins, stimulate cell regrowth, promote healing and prevents premature aging.

Feeling nourished already by just reading about these incredible natural ingredients and its wonderful effects? Pookipoiga offers some amazing ANSC products that will give you a long-lasting feeling of freshness from head to toe.

While  ANSC Perfume Pink is enriched with a delicate and floral scent with rose, geranium, and grapefruit reminiscent of a perfect spring day, the ANSC Cologne Grey is a fragrance made up of a delicate and woody scent with tobacco, black pepper bergamot, bay leaf, nerolina, myrrh and benzoin that brings class and intrigue.

The Solid Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp uses only the gentlest plant oils such as sweet almond, grapeseed, coconut, eucalyptus, rosemary, and patchouli to deliver a shampoo perfect for those with a sensitive scalp. Whereas the Solid Shampoo for Dry is made up of fatty acids in Macadamia oil which nourish and moisturise brittle hair adding shine and strength to dehydrated strands whilst argan oil tames unwanted frizz and treats split ends. Lavender, clary sage and peppermint oil are all known to stimulate hair growth and add a beautiful scent.

Speaking about lavender, the Peppermint & Lavender Soap with saponified sweet almond oil, organic dried lavender, lavender oil, peppermint oil, helps you relax and unwind. The brand being all Australian, the All Australian Tea Tree Soap made up of olive oil and tea tree oil is perfect for the oily, combination and acne skin.

The other variety of soaps include the exfoliating ones. The Activated Charcoal Soap which is a combination of saponified olive oil and activated charcoal (coconut shell) draws toxins from deep in the pores for a sparkly clean feel while soothing the skin. For the ones with sensitive skin, the Calamine Soap (Zinc) is perfect for itchy and sensitive skin as it uses the old calamine lotion of zinc, castor oil & olive oil. The Australian Pink clay which is among the popular ones is a great detoxifier, helping to purify and tighten pores and reduce irritation and inflammation from aggravating skin conditions such as acne, and imperfections, and restore a youthful glow.

For the men use the Men Care Oil which is a combination of argan, rice bran, and sweet almond oils to moisturise and soften skin and Himalayan cedarwood, cinnamon and spearmint oils soothe to nourish skin and leaves a silky and smooth beard.

These products also come in gift packs such as the Lavender Relaxation Pack or Trip around Australia Gift Pack which you can present your loved ones.


Handmade Skincare Products with Natural Ingredients from ANSC

Handmade Skincare Products with Natural Ingredients from ANSC