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10 Best Kris Kringle Present Ideas below $30 from Melbourne for 2021

Santa Claus? Père Noël? Father Christmas? Saint Nick? Papa Noel? Joulupukki? Nope, Mr. Kringle for us peeps here! Finding the perfect Kris Kringle or Secret Santa gift can be fun and overwhelming at the same time, especially when you have to do it for multiple groups back to back. Coworkers, family, or your besties, there is always the challenging task of not going wrong with the gifts! But not to panic and spend too much time sending that confused emoji asking your go-to person (Google for most nowadays) for advice on what to get. You have indeed landed on the right page, or as we like to call - ‘Mr. Kringles’ eco-paradise!’ Well, why not? After all, would it be...

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The Best Christmas Cards in Australia

In today’s digital world, there is easy access to a variety of greeting cards online where you can just filter, select and press send to your loved and close ones. It also has the advantage of being more environmentally friendly, cost less and of course can be easily shared. However, this said, does send ecards and viewing them on your screen make it more intimate and personal? Or does it end up as spam where it’s not given much of special value? Sending a traditional card even the simplest ones will have a greater meaning to the recipient. It shows that you went out of your way to choose a card with a lot of thought and consideration. A traditional...

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Corporate Gifting Made Easy

When it comes to corporate gifting solutions, we at Pookipoiga have got you covered in more ways than one! From custom printing on boxes, handwritten gift cards, branded ribbons, and wide delivery to any address in Melbourne, you’ll be surprised at how such a small gesture can help your business build better relationships and open up new opportunities!   So what makes one, Melbourne’s best corporate gift delivery service?  -Ability to deliver fast to numerous addresses. Having gift delivery experience - 1000s of goodie bags/boxes delivered in a short span of time within Melbourne!   - The idea behind corporate gifting is to affirm business relationships and enhance personal connections between clients, customers, and employees. Therefore we understand how important small...

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Next or Same Day Plant Delivery in Melbourne

Bringing plants into your home and office can increase the air quality and your well-being to a large extent. Now, more than ever, when the world is spending more time indoors, gifting a special gift that continues to grow, is indeed a brilliant choice in spreading positivity and boosting productivity! Unlike flowers which only give a few days of enjoyment, a potted plant gives evergreen happiness offering beautiful lush foliage all year round. Not only are plant gifts hardier and more sustainable, but they’re also super versatile. Whether it is a birthday gift for your mom or a corporate gift for your Melbourne clients and or staff, there is an indoor plant for every personality and occasion! Delivered right to...

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Gardening in August to Welcome the New Season!

The last month of winter with spring around the corner. This might be the best time to start planning and planting those seeds or seedlings for a blooming healthy and colorful edible garden that will take away all the gloom happening in our world right now! Also, remember that it’s best to grow our own food at times like these. Let’s reconnect with nature and enjoy cooking our nurtured produce and cultivate a close relationship with what we eat! Marking the transition period between the cold and warm months August is a great time to get out there and get your garden ready for spring. However, before you get started, you need to start cleaning up the garden space so...

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