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The best sustainable Christmas gift ideas for vegans!

If you have a Vegan friend or a friend who just turned Vegan and are confused about what to get them this Christmas worrying that they might over analyze your gift and get fussy and pick on its make or produce, then worry not because here is a list of selected unique choices of luxurious, funny, and Australian made cruelty-free and plant-based vegan gifts and gift hampers for him and her!


Vegan Chocolates

Bring a sweet smile on your friend's face this Christmas with Bellabery’s Vegan Friends Dark Chocolate or Christmas Survival Milk Bar. Enjoyable and all-natural these chocolates come with expressive, fun and witty packaging and use Rainforest Alliance cocoa in their milk and dark chocolate which provides cocoa farmers across Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia with the tools and incentives to farm sustainably. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for vegan chocolates with deeper and distinctive flavors go for Bennetto’s Organic Dark Chocolate Raspberries or Organic Dark Chocolate Amaranth and Sea Salt. These products have no added dairy, gluten or soy and are Vegan certified through the Vegan Society and coeliac society approved. 


Vegan Cookbooks

If your friend wants to try out new vegan recipes or loves entertaining guests with a vegan feast, then surprise them with books such as Vegan Goodness or Vegan for Good. These cookbooks feature delightful recipes of plant-based dishes that are both inventive and simple with no compromise on taste!

Aside from these multi-functional books for the already established vegan try presenting your newly turned vegan friend with the book How to be Vegan and Keep Your Friends. This book helps one to go about life without compromises, excuses or apologies with tips and tricks for being a better or more easy-going vegan.


Vegan Shoes and Socks

Run, walk and snug vegan with shoes from TOMS and socks from Conscious Step. Apart from being vegan and sustainable, these brands help address environmental issues such as health, education, climate change and so on. For example, TOMS’ shoes such as the Panda Camo Black Alpargatas which features a print of a panda shows the brand's support of the WildAid conservative programme of giant pandas like the ones from the Sichuan Province of China. TOMS also helps address need and advance health, education and economic opportunity for children and their communities around the world.

Similarly, Conscious Step promotes causes through producing socks for oceans, hungerwaterdeadly diseases. These socks crafted from the highest quality GOTS cotton supports the movement to combat deforestation, protect our environment and repopulate our oceans.

vegan bath

Vegan Face & Body Gifts

Present your friend with these incredible bathroom essentials such as The Aromatherapy Co.’s Therapy Hand Cream Uplift. For the friend who loves the spa and looks forward to a long and relaxing bath go for Summer Salt Body’s Coconut Milk Bath, Three Mini Scrubs Pack or Triple Soak Pack. The All Australian Gift Pack (soaps) from ANSC can be added to the list along with Solid Shampoo from Viva la Body.  All these products are made from natural products such as that uplifts all senses.

Other vegan essentials include some awesome oral/dental care products, such as the eco-friendly and biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush from Aroha Earth, Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder and Compostable Dental Floss from Brush it On.


vegan perfume

Vegan Accessories and Beauty Tools

For the fashion-conscious ones who want to walk out in a vegan style, present them with Elvis & Kresse’s Weekend bagWrap-Around Cufflink or West End Belt made from genuine decommissioned fire-hose.
As far as vegan cosmetics are concerned, then purchase Narrative Lab’s pocket perfumes with fragrances ranging from spicyfruity or floral. These perfumes are paraben free, vegan and cruelty free.
And if you are looking for the perfect vegan present for her, the Bamboo Vegan Makeup Brush Set is the one! Add the konjac sponge and Luk Beautifood’s edible lipsticks to this and Voila vegan beauty it is!


Vegan Kitchen and Home ware Gifts

If your friend is planning to make his or her kitchen all-vegan including using cleaning equipment of the same then try presenting stuff like the Eco Max Bottle Brush or the Kitchen Scrubber.  For the ones who carry lunch to work go for 4 My Earth’s Insulated Lunch Bag or Food Bag.
For a vegan-friendly home, gifting soy wax candles will be ideal. Mojo Candle's delicious and natural scented candles made from reclaimed wine and beer bottles are luxury vegan gifts that will make one happy!


Vegan Gifts for Kids

For the friends who are on a mission to get their kids or grandchildren to become Vegan or prefer to gift them the same then the Natural eco paints: eco-friendly plant based paint kit for children from Eco Crayons is a perfect choice. Made from 100% plant ingredients, the color range is derived from plant, root, spice, and flower pigments. Apart from being gluten free, nut free and dairy free, these safe alternatives are also free from non-renewable mined clay and micas. Being 100% non-toxic and free from synthetic colors and chemicals, Natural Eco paints are food grade which means that it’s ok if the little ones make it in their mouths.

For the babies, Pebble Toys' rattles are the perfect vegan gift. Knitted using organic cotton which is grown without pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and GMOs, these adorable toys are the initial stage of becoming vegan. 


Make vegan gifting easy by creating your own vegan hamper or gift basket by selecting products from our Vegan Gift Collection!



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Awesome Gifts to Give a Vegan Friend this Christmas