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Fashionable Accessories Made from Scrap Rubber RSS

From Scrap Rubber to Indispensable and Fashionable Accessories

Ever imagined whether the rubber from plane tyres, bicycle tubes, and fire hoses can be transformed into chic bags, belts or earrings? Well yes because Alchemy Goods, Champ Co, and Elvis & Kresse have taken up the creative challenge in making this possible with common the goal of circumventing landfill. Highly durable and non-biodegradable, tires or hoses tend to consume a lot of space in landfill. They can trap methane gases, causing them to become buoyant. This, as a result, can damage landfill liners that have been installed to help keep landfill contaminants from polluting local surface and groundwater. In addition to this, these scrap stockpiles can create health and safety risks. Fires can occur easily leading to heavy pollution...

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