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An alternative to greeting cards, send some chocolate bars made from natural ingredients from Bellaberry to your loved ones this gifting season!

Looking to gift chocolates that are healthy and bring a smile to the face? Well, then Pookipoiga offers the enjoyable and all-natural chocolate with various flavors from Bellaberry that comes with expressive, fun and witty packaging for different occasions, moods, situations, and ages.

With a wide variety of choices that range from Christmas to Tourism or from Pharmacy to Vegan, this one of a kind chocolates that are a combination of taste and talk are encased in a hard-wearing matt laminated cardboard carton, with creative unique designs and words. With lines that say “World’s greatest pick-up bar” or “Some of my best friends are vegan” these organic chocolates are sure to lighten up even the grumpiest ones!

Bellaberry’s core range includes birthday wishes, thank you, be happy, I love you and even ones that say “bee awesome” “free hugs,” or even “you are a hoot.” Another interesting range is the creative Pharmacy range that is packed like medicine sachets and reads liners such as “emergency chocolate,” “no weight gain,” “man flu” among others. Similar to such creativity is the Tourism range which has covers that look like postcards. With “Greetings from Melbourne” or “Buckingham Palace,” these special treats are engraved with iconic destinations and memories. Other ranges include the occasion range such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays and so on. Their Vegan range is mainly made up of 70% cocoa dark chocolate. 

These amusing treats laced with love, humor, and taste also offers an option of making it more personal. You can customize it by putting your designs or ideas onto the chocolate bars to create your personalized gift! If you are confused about how to incorporate your design on paper just send them your ideas and they will tailor it to your needs and make it come to life.

Apart from such quirky designs and visually appealing packaging, these chocolates with assorted flavors are made using natural ingredients. Unlike conventional chocolates that are produced using cacao and sugar that are grown with the aid of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and more these are made up the same that use biodynamic and organic fertilizers and pest deterrents.

Chemicals leak into the soil and water which affect plant and animal life beyond the region being treated. Organic chocolate made from cacao and sugar that is grown without these synthetic chemicals is good for biodiversity, ecosystems and the environment. Moreover, these natural agricultural products are better for both the crops and the farmers who grow them, so that their work can thrive without jeopardizing their health and the health of their communities. 

This said Bellaberry uses Rainforest Alliance cocoa in their milk and dark chocolate. The Rainforest Alliance provides cocoa farmers across Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia with the tools and incentives to farm sustainably. Creating delicious chocolate is a long and delicate process for farmers and purveyors, hence this international non-governmental organization aims to train farmers in sustainable practices which help them replace old trees with more productive ones and eliminate hazardous child labor and deforestation.

Therefore by purchasing chocolates with the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal, we can help advance the cultivation of sustainable cocoa, improve living conditions for farmers and their families and most importantly protect forests, wildlife, and the environment for future generations.


Bellaberry’s Indulging and Expressive All-Natural Chocolates for All Occasions

Bellaberry’s Indulging and Expressive All-Natural Chocolates for All Occasions