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The term natural beauty doesn’t only have to necessarily mean being born beautiful or look beautiful without applying any makeup or beauty products. Natural beauty can also be a way of using the nature around us to accentuate our beauty. In other words looking beautiful naturally or going organic with your beauty.


Whether berries were used to darken lips, ashes of burnt matches used to darken eyes or mixing honey and milk to moisturise the skin, women in the ancient world were innovative in creating their own cosmetics from nature. Inspired by such examples organic beauty product brands are now growing in the market with celebrities either promoting them or launching them. It’s almost like going back to the ancient times with of course some modifications and refinements like using natural preservations to extend its shelf life and eco-friendly packaging. 

Using organic or natural beauty products is not only safe of side effects such as skin irritation and other skin related problems and diseases, it also protects the environment in the longer run. This is because the use of traditional cosmetic products can flush out chemicals and toxic waste that is harmful for vital aspects such as farming and livelihood. So next time you are cleaning up that high end make up off your face just have the thought of the possibility of consuming the same in future.

Natural organic health and beauty products have this rich wholesomeness and rawness that almost appeals to all of our senses. When used there a certain pleasure of looking ethereal and feeling real.

A lot of natural resources have multipurpose which can be entirely different from their defined meaning or objective. For instance when we think of charcoal, clay or mud, we usually imagine it causing dirt or soot but these things can actually help clean the dirt or impurities in our skin. Likewise when we list fruits or vegetables, we think about how to make that next healthy salad that will nourish our body. However just like how it can nourish our inner body parts these can nourish our outer body parts as well.

Pookipoiga’s wide range of organic face and beauty products from brands that have done meticulous research on what is the best for our skin and body offers pure treasures that brings together the goodness of nature and it’s capability of gifting us a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Similar to how ancient Egyptians made soap paste out of clay and olive oil which would cleanse the body as well as nourish and heal the skin, the activated charcoal soap made from saponified olive oil and activated charcoal from coconut shells draws toxins from deep in the pores making the skin clean as well as healing it. 

If you want to look young and fresh forever and feel like ‘age is just a number,’ then the organic anti-aging elixir which is a natural nourishing serum that combines macadamia, avocado and passion fruit oils together with caffeine helps to hydrate and reduce the signs of premature aging. This magical product also contains carrageenan that is derived from seaweed which soothes and promotes the development of healthy new skin.

Just as how women back then used to use berries to darken their lips, a wide range of luscious lipsticks with various interesting shades and flavours which is so tempting that you want to eat them must be in your make up kit. Vanilla chocolate, tea rose, peach melon, cranberry citrus or cherry plum, these super sheer natural lipstick is for daily use and 100% toxin free. 

While smell is an intoxicating sense, regular perfumes that contain chemical ingredients or are derived from petroleum can cause serious damage to your health. Natural perfumes made from pure essential oils are not only suitable for all skin types but also comes with aromatherapy benefits that can reduce your stress, agitation and anxiety.  So smell great and feel great!

While much attention has been paid to nourishing your skin and body in a safe and healthy way, using biodegradable beauty equipment should be on the list as well. From vegan shaving brushes that has soft absorbent bristles to biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes and hairbrushes these items replace plastic hence saving the world!








Beauty that Nature Gives You

Beauty that Nature Gives You