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Extremely resistant to corrosion as well as being strong and resilient, stainless steel has an attractive grey color that is finished in shiny or matte. This color is gaining popularity in urban fashion with bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings and can be coordinated with any ensemble from business casual to everyday wear. 

Strength and flexibility combined, this metal can be bend into any desired shape while retaining it. Moreover, the fact that it is hypo-allergenic makes it a great choice for someone whose skin is sensitive to metal. Another advantage is it doesn’t tarnish, rust or fade. So whether you pour water or chemicals, it remains unaffected. Also when compared to gold or silver, stainless steel is durable a scratch proof and of course less expensive! And even better, stainless steel does not look like stainless steel and can be easily passed off as gold or silver!

With striking designs rendered in stainless steel, Ekcelent & Co’s one of kind earrings provide maximum impact for minimum weight. Made in Queensland, the steel is etched on the Gold Coast, and the jewellery is built and packed in Brisbane. The designs add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your look and a perfect piece for any of your outfits. As their website says “Ekcelent and Co take inspiration from nature, from modern life, from strong women and creates whimsical jewellery for women who tell their own stories.”

Some of these unique nature-inspired pieces include the Milkweed Earrings. Capturing the wild shape of milkweed seed pods, this earring with a dramatic silhouette showcases your natural, earthly self. Another one in the seed pod range is the Hogweed Earrings. Taking inspiration from its dried seed pods that look like fabulous stylised pompoms, this bold design is known to demonstrate the power of nature as a plant that at the end of its life is about to burst forth with the very thing needed for a new life.

The brand also has a coral range where the extraordinary shapes of coral are rendered in stainless steel. One of the pieces in the Coral collection is the Coralette earring which inspired by the lines of Art Nouveau captures the movement of coral in the ocean current transporting to an underwater wonder world. Similar is the Coral River Earrings which features the delicate line of a coral skeleton etched into stainless steel and the Coraline Earrings which draws comparison between life in the sea and life on land where the skeleton of coral echoes the branches and twigs of a bush or a tree and the movement of the coral in the current emulates the movement of a tree in the breeze.

Just like Art Nouveau, the Deco Circle Dot Earrings takes inspiration from the Art Deco era. Uber-bold, this earring uses only lines and dots to pierce the austerity of the stainless steel where simple lines intersecting the diameter; nine small dots scattered like a constellation.

In its lightness, reminiscent of Art Nouveau again, the Fir Tip Earrings is whimsically shaped best suited to those with a romantic nature and a love of nature. The delicate tips of the fir tree weighed down with water droplets, are beautifully captured. Whereas, just as how the design on these earrings drop down, the growth, tiny leaves shooting and stretching up into the sky are incorporated in the New Growth Earrings which showcases your growth and your constant regeneration. 

So, show off your funky, sophisticated and trendsetting style with Ekcelent & Co.’s excellence that swings naturally with your head!





Earrings from Ekcelent & Co. - Nature Inspired Designs on Stainless Steel

Earrings from Ekcelent & Co. - Nature Inspired Designs on Stainless Steel