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What could be more wonderful than wearing recycled skateboards or sustainable bamboo on your face? And what? It even protects your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun? No way!

Yes way!

Topheads are based in Bondi, New South Wales, originating from a garage, where they made and distributed sunglasses to their friends. They have since generously expanded to include new friends, including us, so that more people can look cool in their sunnies.

They do some amazing work with bamboo, recycled skateboard, recycled stone and recycled wood, which have to be seen to be believed. There are few words to describe how awesome their selections are, but I'll try my best :)

  • Eco-friendly material
  • Spring hinges
  • Polarised lenses
  • UVA & UVB protection
  • A3 Category
  • Super lightweight
  • They even float if you happen to drop them while you're having a bath :)
  • Prescription lenses also available - just ask us


We try to stock as many different types of sunglasses as we can, but unfortunately they are super popular and some types, like the recycled skate Cazza, are almost impossible to get. 

We can't guarantee that the next time you look, we will have the same selection. We are constantly changing styles as they sell - keeps it fresh.

Check out what we have right now, at this very point in time: Topheads Sunglasses in store now!




Topheads Bamboo and Skate Sunglasses

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