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Top All Natural Spa Products for Less than $21 AUD RSS

Top All Natural Spa Products for Less than $21 AUD

The spa industry, in general, is known to be an industry that uses a lot of water and energy, while releasing a lot of toxins into the air and water streams. Facials and makeup applications, body treatments like exfoliation, wraps, and packs; aromatherapy or hair services like cutting, styling, and coloring all flushes out chemicals that can affect our oceans and surroundings. However, can this be avoided to an extent if the products are sustainable? Yes, it can. Using natural or earth-conscious soaps, shampoos, lotions, essentials oils among others can drastically make a change. Moreover by applying ingredients derived from nature allows us to connect with the natural world! Now you must be thinking that organic products (especially beauty ones)...

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