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Valuable, sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical jewellery that makes a statement in caring for the planet!
Ranging from Champ Co.’s earrings made from airplane tires, Singleuse Multiverse's pieces made from throwaway items or Deadwood Creative’s recycled skateboard bracelets to upcycled pieces from EcoBling or One Happy Leaf’s bamboo studs, brooches, and hairpins that rescue abused animals and plant trees when purchased, the creations you will find here are endless with their unconventional designs and use of alternative materials!
And when it comes to intricate craftsmanship get noticed with the recycled plated stainless steel peek-a-boo or snake dangles from Denz and co, the stainless steel earrings inspired from the Art Deco era by Ekcelent & Co., the interwoven patterns from Pimelia, the cute studs made from ceramic stoneware by Woodfolk, the elegant polymer clay bangles by Erika Harder among others! 
Oh, and if you have to organise these beautiful accessories, Bon Maxie’s Jewellery organisers made from sustainable plywood are must-haves in your dresser!