Love & Friendship Cards Melbourne

Love & Friendship Cards

Love and Friendship cards, chocolates and plantable cards

All Locally made from recycled sources and some will even grown into flowers and food if you plant them :)

Even when you only get a little card here at Pookipoiga, we donate a meal to an Australian in need from rescued food !



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Lettuce be Together Olive You CardsLettuce be Together Olive You Cards
Lettuce be Together Olive You
Sale price$6.00 AUD
I wuf you Cards
Able and Game I wuf you
Sale price$6.00 AUD
Girlfriend Just A Small Reminder - Wally Paper Co Cards
Ghost Friends - Pookipoiga
Just For You Seed Card Cards
Just For You Seed Card
Sale price$7.00 AUD
Floral Heart Seed Card Cards
Floral Heart Seed Card
Sale price$7.00 AUD
You're Epping Amazing - Able and Game card Cards
Bellaberry Keep being Awesome Milk Chocolate Chocolate
Sole mates Cards
Sole mates
Sale price$6.00 AUD
Stay Unique Seed Card Cards
Stay Unique Seed Card
Sale price$7.00 AUD
Bellaberry Recipe For Love Milk Chocolate Chocolate
Doggy chat Cards
You Are My Sunshine Cards
You're adorkable Cards
You're adorkable
Sale price$6.00 AUD
Thank You For Loving Me - Wally Paper Co Cards
You Are my Number One Milk Chocolate - Pookipoiga
I Love Your Outside And Your Inside - Wally Paper Co Cards
Some People Think We Spend Too Much Time Together - Wally Paper Co Cards
Enjoy the love high - boys- Able and Game Card Cards
I'm into you like a chip's into dip Able and game card Cards
Albion Your Side Cards
Able and Game Albion Your Side
Sale price$6.00 AUD
I've Got my Heart Seddon You - Able and Game Card Cards
I'm Gumnuts About You Greeting Card
I'm Gumnuts About You
Sale price$7.00 AUD
I Love You Way More Then The Rest - Wally Paper Co Cards