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13" Laptop Sleeve - Pookipoiga

13" Laptop Sleeve

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13" Laptop Sleeve

The Wren Design is recognized for producing remarkable accessories that are made from recycled packaging paper which is fused to the fabric and coated with Nano Liquid Glass to be water-resistant. The treatment using fusion and coating technologies enhances the paper’s strength, therefore making it a functional fabric.

13" Laptop Sleeve is screen-printed using reclaimed paper, fused for strength, padded to protect and coated to be water-resistant, this Laptop Sleeve come in options such as gunmetal and solid flame orange. These various screenprints as the paper ages with time, become distressed and the brown paper becomes visible. But this look is even more attractive and one of a kind!


13" Laptop Sleeve  is a perfect way to protect your laptop and make it more attractive. 


WREN’s range of products includes laptop bags, device covers, and gift stationery. A combination of simple design and eco-friendly manufacturing the Wren Design holds a reputation for sustainable manufacturing, fair business ethics, innovation, and quality workmanship.