7-day Mini Moon Turtle Mood Journal
7-day Mini Moon Turtle Mood Journal
7-day Mini Moon Turtle Mood Journal

Moon Turtle

7-day Mini Moon Turtle Mood Journal

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7-day Mini Moon Turtle Mood Journal

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7-day Mini Moon Turtle Mood Journal

A unique wellness gift idea

Moon Turtle creates space for you to nurture your mental wellness. It wants to come into your life and help you make a comfy, safe and happy home for yourself in your own mind.


Think of your Moon Turtle Mini as your ‘introduction to introspection.’ This little guy is here to support you to make sense of your thoughts, feelings and actions. He’ll gently check in with you each day to see how you’re doing and what patterns are popping up, and to encourage you to include some little things that make a big difference to your overall sense of wellbeing.

Your 7-day challenge

Moon Turtle is designed for humans, so there’s no right or wrong way to use this journal (other than it’s best to fill it in for seven days in a row).
The process is quick and easy—all you need is:

  • a pen

  • an open heart

  • a curious mind

  • a dose of compassion

  • 10 minutes per day. (Yep, that’s just a little more than one hour over the whole week. The emotional ROI is huge!)

Anchoring your Moon Turtle to a moment in your daily routine (like sipping your morning coffee or reading a book before bed) can help you remember to complete it.

Oh, and just how much of this process has to do with moons and/or turtles is entirely up to you.

Made thoughtfully and lovingly by Ana Birchall from Auckland, New Zealand, this guided journal is what she describes as a little tool created based on her experience with mental illness and nurturing mental wellness.