Ana Williams Face Mask (no nose wire/cable)

Ana Williams

Ana Williams Face Mask (no nose wire/cable)

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Style:Sock art
Pickup available at 64 Bridge rd Usually ready in 2 hours

Ana Williams Face Mask (no nose wire/cable)

Sock art

64 Bridge rd

Pickup available, usually ready in 2 hours

64 Bridge Road
Richmond VIC 3121


Most thoughtfully made (here in Melbourne) cloth mask ever!!! :) Comes with the story of how thoughtfully it is made by Ana.



  • Three layers using recycled cotton and flannelette fabric
  • Sustainably hand made in Melbourne by Ana Williams.


These face masks have a bendable nose to ensure a snug fit to lessen any gaps and elastic to go over the ears. They are made from recycled, remnants or end of bolt fabric. They consist of three layers, an outside cotton layer, a middle layer of flannelette and the inside lining which is usually a soft cotton.

This mask can also be used for dust and air pollution. 

HOW TO USE: To establish a good fit, work out where to tie your elastic (to go over ears) and then when you are happy with the fit, knot tightly and snip ends. Pull the knot around so that it is hidden in the side of mask. 

IMPORTANT: All fabrics have been pre washed and tumble dried, but this mask has not been washed after manufacture, so it is advisable to wash before wearing it for the first time. After wearing, remove your mask by taking the straps from around the ears — DO NOT TOUCH the material part of the mask. If you do, please remember to wash your hands with soap and water for 20 secs or hand sanitiser before and after you touch your mask. Place it into a ziplock bag ready to be washed. 

Remove the filter as it is not washable. 

WASHING: Face masks should be either hand washed or machine-washed after each daily use, to eliminate any residual virus particles, which may be contaminating the outside of the mask. Tumble drying is recommended. 

DISCLAIMER: By wearing this non medical mask, there is no guarantee that you will not catch a virus. 

Wearing this mask without a PM2.5 filter will lessen its filtration ability.