Sassi Atlas of Biodiversity - Animals
Sassi Atlas of Biodiversity - Animals
Sassi Atlas of Biodiversity - Animals
Sassi Atlas of Biodiversity - Animals

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Sassi Atlas of Biodiversity - Animals

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Sassi Atlas of Biodiversity - Animals

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Atlas of Biodiversity - Animals

Discover the incredible diversity of animals that inhabit our planet with Sassi Junior's Atlas of Biodiversity - Animals. This captivating 64-page book takes you on a global adventure, introducing you to extraordinary creatures from every continent.

  • Our planet is like a complex puzzle, and each species, no matter how small, strange, intimidating, or endearing, plays a vital role in completing the picture of Earth. In this atlas, you'll embark on a journey to meet these special animals, and they will share fascinating insights about themselves and their habitats.
  • As you turn the pages, you'll encounter a myriad of species, each perfectly adapted to its surroundings like a piece in a grand puzzle. From the majestic lions of Africa's savannahs to the mysterious deep-sea creatures, from the agile kangaroos of Australia to the elusive snow leopards of the Himalayas, every animal has a story to tell.
  • The book celebrates the intricate connections between animals and their environments, highlighting the delicate balance of nature. It emphasizes the importance of protecting and preserving these unique creatures and their habitats, ensuring that the puzzle of our planet remains complete.

With engaging narratives and stunning illustrations, the Atlas of Biodiversity - Animals sparks curiosity and nurtures a deep appreciation for the natural world. It invites readers of all ages to explore the wonders of different continents and understand the importance of conservation.


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Age: 6+