Bee Hotel - Small
Bee Hotel - Small

Solitary Bees

Bee Hotel - Small

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Bee Hotel - Small

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Bee Hotel - Small

Boost your garden's buzz with the Bee Hotel - Small! This incredible little abode is designed to give native solitary bees a cosy home and supercharge pollination in your backyard.

Think of it as an exclusive bee resort where these amazing creatures can deposit their precious pollen and lay their eggs. Once they're done, they seal off the entrance with mud or resin, creating a safe haven for future bee generations.

Setting up your Native Bee Hotel is a breeze. Just find a sheltered spot away from rain and pesky ants, and make sure it's a prime location for you to sit back, relax, and marvel at the fascinating world of buzzing bees.

To truly attract a diverse group of solitary native bees, it's all about creating a garden bursting with flowers. These little pollinators are drawn to the nectar-rich blooms, so the more variety you have, the more bee species you'll welcome to your backyard.

Did you know Australia is home to over 1650 known species of Native Bees? And most of them are Solitary Bees, which means they don't live in hives like their honeybee cousins. These solitary superheroes play a crucial role in pollinating our native flora and are even making a name for themselves as valuable pollinators for crops.

So, get ready to welcome a buzzing community of native bees to your garden by planting an array of vibrant flowers. With the Bee Hotel - Small as their cozy retreat, these industrious insects will help your garden thrive and make your outdoor space a haven for nature's tiny superheroes.

Item dimensions:
Weight -900gm
Height - 150mm
Width - 210mm
Depth - 94mm