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Kinjarran Bush Drawer Sachet - Pookipoiga

Thurlby Herb Farm Kinjarran Bush Drawer Sachet

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-Beautiful looking and smelling Drawer sachet to keeps moths away! last for years to come (scrape the block a little every few months to refresh the smell and effectiveness).  The best natural insect repellent you will find in the market and way  better value for us and the community.

-Made lovingly in Thurlby herb farm in Walpole in country Western Australia :)
-Combining essential oils in a solid base to fragrance drawers and cupboards.
-Bush art design is by local Aboriginal artist Kinjarran and depicts women and young girls sitting around the camp sharing stories while preparing food from the nearby river. Colour is specific to fragrance - Lemon Myrtle (blue or green) and Sandalwood (red or orange).