Seed & Sprout Cellulose Sponge Set of 2 - Cloud
Seed & Sprout Cellulose Sponge Set of 2 - Cloud

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Seed & Sprout Cellulose Sponge Set of 2 - Cloud

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Seed & Sprout Cellulose Sponge Set of 2 - Cloud

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Seed & Sprout Cellulose Sponge Set of 2 - Cloud

Tired of constantly replacing your kitchen sponges and paper towels? Say hello to a sustainable and eco-friendly solution that mops up messes effortlessly!


Replace and Reuse!

Say goodbye to the hassle of weekly sponge replacements. With Seed & Sprout Cellulose Sponges, you can reuse them for up to a year! These super absorbent sponges can handle 20 times their weight in liquid, making cleaning a breeze. And when they need a little refresh, simply toss them in the washing machine, and they'll come out good as new, ready for more action!

Eco-Friendly & Home Compostable

Seed & Sprout believe in fully embracing eco-conscious living, and that's why these kitchen sponges are fully vegan and plastic-free. Not only are they more absorbent than paper towels, but they are also home compostable, making them a fantastic addition to your sustainable lifestyle.

Versatile and Hassle-Free

These cellulose sponges are not only perfect for the kitchen but are also ideal for use in bathrooms. The 2-piece set ensures you have a reliable cleaning buddy wherever you need it. After use, simply rinse and squeeze, and they're ready to tackle the next mess!

Care Instructions

Caring for your super absorbent sponges is a breeze. Rinse and squeeze after use, and when they need a little more love, pop them in the washing machine or dishwasher. When it's time to say goodbye, you can confidently add them to your home compost, knowing they'll return to nature without a trace.

What You Get

Each set includes 2 Compostable Cellulose Dishcloths, giving you a sustainable solution to your cleaning needs.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 17cm x 19cm each
  • Composition: 70% Cellulose, 30% Cotton

Join the eco-friendly revolution with Seed & Sprout Cellulose Sponge Set of 2 - Cloud, and make your cleaning routine kinder to the planet!