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Chai Harder from Chai Addict

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Chai Harder from Chai Addict


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Chai Harder - A Spicy Masala Blend Chai Concentrate from Chai Addict

Made by artisan spice-masters in Melbourne from only the best and freshest organic ingredients.

Chai Addict's spicy blend is a masala blend magnified with an alchemy of additional spices including cayenne pepper that emits a prickly chilli heat to awaken the senses.

Makes an ultimate cup of comfort and a perfect gift idea to go into a self-care hamper!


ingredients: water, spices and certified organic tea, cayenne pepper, lemon and pink Himalayan salt

serving size:

300ml – 10 cups

500ml –16 cups


shake the bottle. mix 30ml to 220ml hot or iced milk. sweeten to taste.


  • sweeten with at least a teaspoon of honey or something similar to enhance the robustness of the spices
  • use soy or almond milk for a creamy, nutty, texture
  • for iced chai, use a runny liquid sweetener such as maple syrup or agave to easily mix in to the chai and milk

unsweetened, vegan friendly, dairy free and gluten free