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Little Book of Adulting - Pookipoiga

Little Book of Adulting

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Do you have a feeling of distant, creeping dread that everyone knows what they're doing and you don't? This handy how-to has all the tips, guides and diagrams to let you into the secrets of adulthood, whether it's finding the time to eat more than two vegetables a day, knowing how to fix a tear in your fave shirt or saving enough money to go on holiday without starving to death first. The essential introduction to surviving in the big, wild world, this book will help you put the 'fun' into 'functioning adult'. SELLING POINTS: You can do this! Growing up can be scary, and this little book is an essential guide for those who need to survive in the big, outside world. It offers tips, advice, diagrams and guides to lead you through the maze that is adulthood.