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Little Veggie Patch Co CARROT 'COSMIC PURPLE' HEIRLOOM SEEDS - same day delivery - melbourne


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Easy to grow, great to look at home variety. Carrots have bright purple skin, with a flesh that comes in a deep orange. Little Veggie Patch Co CARROT 'COSMIC PURPLE' HEIRLOOM SEEDS produce long, slender and sweet tasting roots that will be a real eye opener for anyone that thinks a carrot has to be orange.


When to Plant

Zone 1: September - February
Zone 2: September - May
Zone 3: February - November
Zone 4: February - November


Soil Prepare a well dug through, friable soil type that is free draining. Use well rotted organic matter and manure when preparing the beds.

Soil pH Level 6.5-7.5

Position Full sun preferred, but will tolerate partial shade. Best to follow a crop of nitrogen hungry leafy greens.

How to Plant Sow directly into the patch by creating shallow trenches and then sprinkling the seeds along the trench line. Thin out once germinated.

Spacing 5-10cm

Depth 0.5-1cm

Companion Plants Radish, Onions

Approximate no of seeds 150

Note: They source all of their seeds locally and in small batches to ensure they remain at their maximum viability for germination


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