Loco For Cocoa Berry Good For You Chocolate

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Loco For Cocoa Berry Good For You Chocolate

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Loco For Cocoa Berry Good For You Chocolate

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Loco For Cocoa Berry Good For You Chocolate

Berry Good For You is a vegan and gluten friendly dark chocolate with hazelnut and freeze dried raspberries.

Unwrap the delight of this Gluten-Friendly Dark Chocolate Bar! The rich aroma will captivate your senses, and with its velvety texture, it's a dream come true for chocolate enthusiasts. Plus, it's gluten-friendly, so no worries!

Now, get ready for a symphony of flavours! Take your first bite to experience the delightful crunch of hazelnuts blended perfectly into the dark chocolate. It's a match made in heaven! But that's not all - as the chocolate melts on your tongue, you'll encounter the tangy sweetness of freeze-dried raspberries. A refreshing contrast that'll leave you wanting more!

Indulge in this harmonious blend of rich chocolate, nutty goodness, and fruity bursts. It's a treat for your sweet tooth and a decadent surprise for your taste buds. Whether you're a dark chocolate lover, hazelnut enthusiast, or simply enjoy the chocolate-raspberry combo, this bar is a must-try! Share it with loved ones or keep it all to yourself - either way, you're in for a delightful experience!

One of the most specialty chocolates from Australia made in Melbourne, making it a fabulous gift for any occasion - especially for a big-time chocolate lover! The Berry Good For You bar is created using the highest quality Couverture chocolate locally sourced freeze dried raspberries, Vegan & gluten friendly option.

Weight: 80g