Mork Chocolate Even Darker 80%-1kg

Mork Chocolate

Mork Chocolate Even Darker 80%-1kg

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Mork Chocolate Even Darker 80%-1kg

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Mork Chocolate Even Darker 80%-1kg (comes as 2 x 500 bags)

The Cacao Artisans of Melbourne handcraft every boutique blend of Mörk hot chocolate from specially sourced ingredients. With 80% pure chocolate from their West African cacao powder and cacao liquor sourced from Sur Del Lago in Venezuela, Mörk Even Darker is a blend for serious chocolate drinkers only.

Indulge in the luxurious depths of our Even Darker Hot Chocolate, meticulously crafted for true chocolate aficionados. Mork sourced the finest ingredients to create a rich and intense hot chocolate experience.

At the heart of this decadent blend is the 80% pure chocolate from West African cacao powder, known for its bold and robust flavor. The deep cocoa notes and hints of earthiness will captivate your palate, taking you on a journey through the diverse terroirs of West Africa.

To elevate the complexity of flavors, they have incorporated cacao liquor sourced from Sur Del Lago in Venezuela. Renowned for its exceptional quality, Sur Del Lago cacao lends a distinct character with its nuanced fruity and floral undertones, adding depth and sophistication to every sip.

Indulge in the velvety texture and deep flavors of Mork's Even Darker Hot Chocolate, an experience that celebrates the finest cocoa from around the world. Savor the bittersweet symphony as you immerse yourself in the artistry of chocolate, where every sip carries the essence of distant lands and the passion of master chocolatiers.

  • Flavour profile: dark caramel, coconut, hints of cinnamon & earthy notes.
  • Ingredients: cacao powder, coconut blossom sugar, cacao liquor (cacao paste)
  • All natural ingredients, gluten free and diabetic friendly
  • May contain traces of dairy, due to shared equipment
  • A perfect gift to add to hamper for any occasions!


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