Philodendran Cordatum 120mm with Stonewash Pot
Philodendran Cordatum 120mm with Stonewash Pot
Philodendran Cordatum 120mm with Stonewash Pot

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Philodendran Cordatum 120mm with Stonewash Pot

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Philodendran Cordatum 120mm with Stonewash Pot

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Philodendran Cordatum 120mm with Stonewash Pot

The Philodendron Cordatum, also known as the Sweetheart Vine or Heart Leaf Philodendron, is a charming trailing plant that is perfect for hanging baskets or placing in high spots. Its cascading vines are adorned with soft green leaves, creating a lush and vibrant display.

  • With its graceful growth habit, the Philodendron Cordatum is ideal for adding a touch of greenery to hard-to-reach places. Whether you want to frame a room with its trailing vines or brighten up your home or workspace, this plant will effortlessly elevate any environment.
  • The Philodendron Cordatum comes in a 120mm size and is paired with a stylish Stonewash Pot. The pot's unique stonewashed finish adds a touch of elegance and complements the natural beauty of the plant.
  • Caring for the Philodendron Cordatum is relatively easy. It thrives in moderate to bright indirect light, making it suitable for a variety of indoor spaces. Allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings, and be sure to provide it with a well-draining potting mix to ensure optimal growth.
  • With its heart-shaped leaves and trailing vines, the Philodendron Cordatum brings a sense of warmth and vitality to any setting. Its versatility and low maintenance requirements make it a popular choice among plant enthusiasts of all levels.

Add a touch of green to your home or workspace with the Philodendron Cordatum 120mm with Stonewash Pot. Let its lush foliage and cascading vines create a visually stunning and calming atmosphere, brightening up any corner with its natural beauty.


How to care for Philodendran Cordatum:

-To keep your Philodendron cordatum full, place in bright, indirect light and cut back the longest of its vines occasionally to encourage new growth. Remove any leaves that become discolored or faded.
-Give it a nice dose of water and allow the top half of the soil to dry before adding more. It will let you know if it needs more water when you see leaves starting to brown, and yellowing. Forgetting to water this plant or otherwise leaving it alone while you go on vacation won’t kill it. 
- While it will do well in normal home temperature, Philodendron cordatum will benefit from having additional humidity. You can provide extra humidity by placing on humidity trays or grouping with other houseplants.
-When indoor, the plant will generally measure 2″ to 3” inches across but may grow much larger in an outdoor setting.