Philodendron xanadu 300mm
Philodendron xanadu 300mm

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Philodendron xanadu 300mm

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Philodendron xanadu 300mm

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Philodendron xanadu 300mm

Grown for their sculptural leaves, Philodendrons are a great statement plant. The Xanadu is one of the smaller leafed varieties, having a dense, clumping habit.They are known for being hardy indoor plants, requiring bright to low indirect light, and watering only when the top inch or so of soil is dry. Originally from Brazil, other names for this tropical plant includes Thaumatophyllum xanadu or the 'Winterbourn' plant.


How to care:

-A Philodendron Xanadu needs more light than other philodendron plants to maintain its compact appearance. It grows best in medium, indirect light. Too much bright light causes the leaves to become pale and bleached looking; too little light and the stems become elongated as the plant stretches towards the light. Direct sun burns the leaves.

-Water thoroughly until the water drains out the drip holes in the bottom of the pot, and then allow the top 50% of the soil to dry out before watering again. Leaves turn yellow if the soil stays too wet.

-Philodendrons like high humidity but still grow well in regular household humidity.


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