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Round Studs - Pookipoiga
Round Studs - Pookipoiga
Round Studs - Pookipoiga

Round Studs

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Surgical stainless steel backing, Concentration of colours may vary thus varying the design as each piece is handcrafted by Jessica in the beautiful forest setting of Blackwood, Victoria.  
What better way to to keep 'single-use' items out of landfill and our oceans. These are made from milk cartons, straws, plastic lids, shampoo bottles, formula lids, dish-washing liquid containers, meat trays and more. Every bit of colour you see in Jessica's work is melted plastic. Through much exploration, she has developed a technique where melted plastic is used like paint. There is a 'multiverse' of useful, beautiful things, these throw-away plastics can become.