Seed & Sprout Kitchen Compost Bin - Eucalyptus
Seed & Sprout Kitchen Compost Bin - Eucalyptus

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Seed & Sprout Kitchen Compost Bin - Eucalyptus

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Seed & Sprout Kitchen Compost Bin - Eucalyptus

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Seed & Sprout Kitchen Compost Bin - Eucalyptus

Introducing the Seed & Sprout Kitchen Compost Bin in Eucalyptus. Stylish and functional, this 8L compost caddy with a charcoal filter keeps odours at bay.

Australian-made and eco-friendly, it's the perfect solution for easy, smell-free composting. Say goodbye to food waste and hello to sustainability!

What sets the compost caddy apart is its innovative lid design, featuring a charcoal filter. Say goodbye to unpleasant odours lingering in your kitchen – this design ensures that any unwanted smells stay inside the bin, leaving your kitchen smelling fresh and inviting. 

Simply wash and replace your charcoal filter. If you need a replacement use the replacement charcoal filters to ensure an odour-free composting experience.

For those who prefer to line their kitchen compost bin, the 8L home compostable bin liners are the perfect fit, making it effortless to transfer your kitchen scraps directly to your green waste bin or garden compost.

These bin liners comply with the Australian Standard AS4736, ensuring they biodegrade in any environment where oxygen and microorganisms are present – whether on land or in water.

If you're new to composting, our comprehensive guides cover everything you need to know, from starting your garden compost to understanding what materials are suitable for composting. We understand the importance of reducing food waste in landfill, and we're here to help you every step of the way.

With care, this beautifully designed metal Compost Bin is sure to become a favourite addition to your home.

Embrace the future of composting with a touch of elegance. The ultimate kitchen compost bin in Australia that doesn't compromise on style or sustainability.

Why You'll Love It

- This beauty makes composting practical, easy and smell-free with our charcoal filter that keeps smells in the bin, not in your kitchen

- Do your bit for the planet and prevent food waste from ending in landfill

- The filter works so well at keeping smells in the bin, not in your kitchen.

- Super carry handle to make emptying the bin a breeze.

- Our Aussie Made Bin Liners are certified compostable and can safely be eaten by worms and microorganisms, leaving no toxic residues or microplastics behind!


Capacity 8L | 23cm (H) x 22cm (D)

Use & Care

This is an indoor Kitchen Compost Bin - use outdoors is not advised and may affect longevity. Both the bin and filter can be washed in warm soapy water. Avoid hot or boiling water as this may damage the paint. Do not place in the dishwasher. We advise against placing hot food in the Compost Bin as the heat and condensation can affect longevity. Make sure the filter and the bin are both air dried before reassembly.