Brush It On Silicone Baking Mat Baking Mat
Brush It On Silicone Baking Mat Baking Mat
Brush It On Silicone Baking Mat Baking Mat

Brush It On

Brush It On Silicone Baking Mat

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Brush It On Silicone Baking Mat


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Silicone Baking Mat

The Brush It On Silicone Baking Mat is a versatile and eco-friendly kitchen tool that will revolutionize your baking experience. With its non-stick surface and useful measurement guides, this mat makes it effortless to roll out a perfectly round pie crust or bake a batch of delicious cookies.

  • One of the standout features of this baking mat is its eco-friendliness. Unlike traditional baking paper, which often ends up in landfills due to its non-recyclable nature, the silicone baking mat offers a sustainable alternative. By using this mat, you can significantly reduce your environmental footprint in the kitchen.
  • In addition to its environmental benefits, the silicone baking mat offers practical advantages as well. The non-stick surface ensures that your dough or baked goods won't stick to the mat, allowing for easy removal and cleanup. This eliminates the need for oils or non-stick sprays, promoting a healthier cooking process.
  • The mat's versatility extends beyond baking pastries and cookies. You can also use it for roasting vegetables or cooking meat, providing a convenient and reliable surface for your culinary creations.

Whether you're a seasoned baker or simply enjoy cooking at home, the Brush It On Silicone Baking Mat is a must-have tool. It not only simplifies your baking process but also aligns with your eco-conscious lifestyle. Say goodbye to wasteful baking paper and embrace this reusable and practical solution for all your baking needs.

Silicone baking mats features:

  • Non-stick, food-grade silicone
  • Dishwasher & freezer safe
  • Oven & microwave safe (up to 260°C) 
  • BPA free
  • Can be rolled for compact storage
  • Reusable and easy to clean

The silicone mats come in both blue and pink and measure 30 x 40cm which means they fit most baking trays. They're super durable and will last you for up to five years!