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Rainbows and Clover Teepee - display piece -Homewares
Rainbows and Clover Teepee - display piece -Homewares

Teepee - display piece

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***Minor marks due to being on display for little ones to play in. Give it a wash and it will be as good as new. Comes in a box and easy to assemble.

The Rainbows and Clover Teepee is 1.5m tall, 1.53m wide and 1.34m deep. With the fabric lowered to the bottom of the poles (showing no pole at the bottom) the width is 1.34m taut.

Rainbows and Clover teepees come in two sizes; the regular (5 foot/1.5m) and the super size (7 foot/2.1m). They are identical except for their size, and number of poles. This page is for the regular size which is 1.5m tall, 1.53m wide and 1.34m deep. With the fabric lowered to the bottom of the poles (showing no pole at the bottom) the width is 1.34m taut.

Each teepee comes complete with:
1x carry bag with strap for easy carting off to the beach or park
1x 100% cotton cover, machine washable, natural colour, light and breathable fabric, perfect for the Australian climate. The cover has a tie at the top, to ensure teepee cover stays perfectly in place and can be adjusted.
5x wooden poles - regular size
5x wooden beads which slot between each pole at the top, to ensure perfect spacing
Instructions to help you put your teepee together.

Our teepees are fantastic for use all year round, and both inside and out, in the bedroom, in the park, in the garden, at the beach, so many options for imaginative play.

Fantastic party accessories, for grown ups and kids alike. Creates a special feel in any corner of a room, hall, patio, and especially outside at the park or beach.

Once they're set up initially - which literally takes just minutes, they can then be carted around easily from room to room, house to car, car to beach - anywhere - as they're so light and easy to store away in their own teepee carry bag. The doors velcro together so your kids can tuck themselves away inside to read, or play, or the door flaps can be folded back for easy access and involvement with outside-teepee activities. The poles are exposed out the bottom of the teepee, to keep the teepee cleaner for longer, so that you can bury the teepee poles into the sand to ensure it doesn't blow away, to give superior ventilation and finally, for easy use at the beach. The window also ensures a fantastic light breeze or ventilation.

SPECIAL NOTE ON THE WOODEN POLES: Your teepee poles have been split on one end, so that they can be inserted to expand inside their joiner, for strength. Timber has imperfections and while some of the splits may appear to you longer than you think necessary, the split does not compromise the strength of the pole. It is unlikely that they would break, due to this split. A teepee pole would break if it is jumped on or treated roughly. Before finalising our design of these teepees, we explored all our pole options to ensure consistency and durability, and after a thorough investigation with a research panel and our existing database of teepee users, the aesthetics and warmth of timber was a huge draw card. So please enjoy the beauty of the wood, the knots and the imperfections, they make your teepee unique, natural and ultra beautiful!