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The Wren Design Travel Bag - Pookipoiga

The Wren Design Travel Bag

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The Wren Design is recognized for producing remarkable accessories that are made from recycled packaging paper which is fused to the fabric and coated with Nano Liquid Glass to be water-resistant. The treatment using fusion and coating technologies enhances the paper’s strength, therefore making it a functional fabric.

Wren’s Travel Bag is one of the brand's best selling products having been around since 2009. First made from Jute Coffee Bags and now out of paper that has been made durable!

The inside of this combination of cement paper fused to heavy-duty canvas to create form and strength is lined with black medium weight cotton. With two large pockets, the content of the bag will always be organized where leakable products are not mixed up and the removable covered board base at the base makes it easier to pack without crumpling the clothes.

Ultimately a conceptual piece, this bag is a real show-stopper!


WREN’s range of products includes laptop bags, device covers, and gift stationery. A combination of simple design and eco-friendly manufacturing the Wren Design holds a reputation for sustainable manufacturing, fair business ethics, innovation, and quality workmanship.