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Thug Kitchen: Back to Basics - Pookipoiga

Thug Kitchen: Back to Basics

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Arming readers with solid recipes and solid health advice is the only way to shut down haters like your aunt Alice who doesn’t understand that meat isn’t the only source of protein in the game. Put down your diet sodas and six saltine crackers: Thug Kitchen is here to save your ass from itself. Thug Kitchen: Back to Basics is a must-buy for anyone who wants to do right by their body, likes nutrition facts and a schedule but still gives plant-based eating the side-eye. The Thug Kitchen crew takes the guesswork out of getting your shit together in the kitchen with weekly, monthly and day-by-day meal guides. You’ll learn how to whip up fast, simple recipes on a schedule and also plan for the future by cooking large batches of staple foods like black beans and grains. Repurposing leftovers like salads into whole new meals like baked falafel to minimize the amount of time you need to spend cooking will keep you from getting bored with the program. Diet will be the only four-letter word you don’t say when we’re done with you.