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Unique and Eco-Friendly Gifts for Different Jobs

Gifts for different proffesions - same day delivery Melbourne

Corporate gifting got you puzzled? No worries, we've got you covered with the most fabulous and luxurious corporate gifts in Melbourne! Treat your co-workers, friends, and dear ones to gifts that are sustainable, functional, and simply exceptional!!

We all have that one colleague who's married to their work, right? Spice up their home office with a touch of style and functionality, making work feel like home sweet home! Whether it's a promotion, retirement, or a new job, find gifts that perfectly match their personality and job title. From nurses to teachers, lawyers to chefs, and architects to gardeners, we've got creative, practical, and heart-warming gift ideas for every profession!

Best part? These gifts won't cost the planet either! Spread the love while being mindful of the environment. Whether they're workaholics or not, everyone will absolutely adore these thoughtful and sustainable gift ideas!


Gifts for Nurses - same day delivery Melbourne

Gifts for Nurses

What are the most appropriate and meaningful gifts you can give nurses for all their care? Some nice (and quirky!) thank-you-from-the-heart gift ideas for nurses include:

  • Tightology Merino Wool Socks – After being on their feet for most shifts, nurses need to look after these poor parts of the lower limb. A comfortable pair of unisex socks made from luxurious, warm, soft merino wool is just what the foot needs!
  • Antibacterial Trio Pack – A no-brainer trio-pamper-pack containing peppermint, lavender, and clove bud essential oils for all nurses!
  •  Hunter Lab Hand and Body Kit – An impressive and stylish gift for the hardworking nurse! This kit combines Hand & Body Wash with the incredibly nourishing and hydrating Hand & Body Lotion.
  • Thurlby Herb Farm Heat Pack – While constantly taking care of other people, they tend to neglect their own health. Show that you care with these incredible herbal heat packs that melt away: aches and pains, stress, and tension.  
  • Alperstein Designs Hand Cream - Nurses constantly need to wash their hands which inevitably leads to skin dryness and cracking. Moisturising hand creams are a must. And if they are all-natural and come packed with beautiful aboriginal artwork - the better! 

 Gifts for teachers - same day delivery Melbourne

Gifts for Teachers

Teacher’s day or end of year, show your appreciation and warmth for your teacher (and possible role model) with these unusual gifts.

  • 4 My Earth Food Bag - A vegan-friendly bag that has endless uses. This multi-use food bag made from 100% canvas will come in handy for your teacher for lunch, snacks, and storing stationery too!
  • Alperstein Designs Tote Bag –This sophisticated and functional cotton bag features fabulous aboriginal artwork that will make heads turn in school or anywhere. Any teacher will love this!
  • Assorted Succulents – Skip the flowers and gift your teacher succulents! With gorgeous textures and colours, this easy-to-take-care plant will sit like a charming, obedient child on your teacher’s desk!
  • Paper Pottery Airlie Pot Set – A perfect addition to the succulents! These biodegradable, sued-finished waterproof designer planter pots make a super eco-friendly gift idea that will impress your teacher!
  • Wally Paper’s Teacher Cards – Fun, hilarious, and touching card for your teacher is always memorable. Personalise it more with your own thoughtful and grateful words!!

 Gifts for lawyers - same day delivery Melbourne

Gifts for Lawyers

Professional or not so professional, these are some great gifts ideas for lawyers that they will never object to!

  • Elvis & Kresse Torpedo Cufflinks – A great addition to formal wear, this piece will create a valid statement at court! Stylish Cufflinks made from a genuine decommissioned fire hose with elegant hand-stitched detail. 
  • Alperstein Designs Framed Print – A vibrant decor idea to spruce up a neutral-coloured law office, this unique gift idea featuring exceptional aboriginal artwork makes it one of the best gifts for lawyers. 
  • WREN 13" Laptop Sleeve – An alternative to briefcases, this fabulous-looking leather-free, waterproof laptop sleeve made from recycled packaging paper is a one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to be positively judged!
  • Organics for Lily Rebalance Me Tea - A balancing blend that is nourishing and refreshing. Perfect served hot or cold for stress, fatigue, and exhaustion. Any lawyer can use this after a tedious battle in court!
  • Sabine & Sparrow Eye Pillow – After reading all those case files, the eyes can rest! Soft eye pillows filled with natural linseed in various patterns with dual thread stitching.

 Gifts for chefs - same day delivery Melbourne

Gifts for Chefs

If you are looking for unique gifts for chefs, then you have landed on the right page. With a sprinkle of salt and pepper, pinch of sugar and spice, gift these items, they will completely be in awe off!

  • Meal Planner & Market List – Chefs love to plan things ahead. Recipes for dinner or what new ingredients to get from the market, for that new dish they planned on making. Make life easier for them by gifting this small notebook that will be ever part of their kitchen!
  • Cookbooks – What can you get someone who loves cooking? Cookbooks for inspiration of course! From vegan recipes to Asian cuisines and cooking for the community - browse through our collection of cookbooks!
  • Gentlemen's Hardware BBQ Apron – Cooking up a storm on BBQ or not, this utility Apron with a beer pocket and bottle opener is the most practical gift you can gift a chef!
  • Multifunctional Red Wine Bottle Dish - Cooking and plating go together, and most chefs consider plating a work of art too. Allow them to get creative with their small creations with a one-of-a-kind classy looking dish made from a recycled red wine bottle!

 Gifts for bakers - same day delivery Melbourne

Gifts for Bakers

Cakes, scones, cookies, and everything in between. For those with an impeccable taste, mix these divine gifts in a baker’s gift basket!!

  •  Beatrix Bakes Book – Every baker loves to experiment, mix and match to create the perfect indulgence. With more than seventy unusual recipes, this book is for inspiring bakers of all kinds to mix and match to make recipes of their own with perfection.
  • Brush It On Silicone Baking Mat – An eco-friendly replacement for regular baking paper! This reusable, non-stick, food-grade silicone baking mat makes rolling out a breeze. 
  •  Roasted Wattleseed Extract – Has your baker friend tried baking using wattleseed? Featuring a nutty mild chocolate flavour, and aroma, it is ideal for baking or adding to your coffee, casseroles, sauces, and desserts.
  •  Mork Chocolate – Similarly, bake the best chocolate cakes in the world with Melbourne’s artisanal chocolate! Crafted with cocoa powder, 100% cacao liquor, and sweetened with unrefined coconut blossom sugar, this gluten-free blend is a must-have for every baker!

 Gifts for architects - same day delivery Melbourne

Gifts for Architects

Have that architect person in your life who loves to discuss artistic forms, designs, and patterns of buildings and constructions? The best gifts you can get them are something useful, and of course uniquely creative!!

  • Duo Pocketbook – And what comes with a pencil set for designers - a perfect duo pocketbook featuring one lined notebook and one sketchbook. Not only practical, but they will also fall in love with the beautiful hand-painted design on the cover!
  • Champ Co Rhombus Table Trivets – It’s safe to say that most architects and designers love geometrical shapes and patterns. A unique gift idea will be rhombus-shaped trivets made from recycled aeroplane tyres and new rubber. These function as trivets (or coasters) and encourage creativity with tessellating shapes to play with!
  • Folding Picnic Table – A well-constructed foldable table makes a good choice for designers who are all about functionality and style! Designed and made in Australia, this table is treated with a creamy Beeswax polish designed to nourish timber and is safe for use with food.

 Gifts for ecologits - same day delivery Melbourne

Gifts for Ecologists

What can you gift an environmental science student or passionate environmentalist? While we cannot gift them nature, we can present them with wonderful goodies all inspired from Mother Nature herself!

  • Sustainable Living Books – Books on maintaining a more eco-friendly household, living green, slow travel, sustainable gardening, and much more! Gift ideas that will make any environment scientist happy!
  •  Seed & Sprout Organic Farmers Market Set – 14 beautiful pieces that de-plasticise your shopping needs! One hell of a delightful set of reusable shopping bags that screams out “eco-warrior!” 
  •  ANSC Soap Bars – Ecologists prioritise natural products. Palm-oil-free, these natural soap bars are handcrafted using a slow-set, cold-pressed method rather than the hot process method so that it does less damage to the integrity of the natural ingredients.
  •  Brush it On – Supporting environmental projects, these products are made from and packaged in either biodegradable or recyclable materials and ones that are compostable and recyclable. Create the perfect eco-friendly hamper with many of these small, simple goodies!
  •  Conscious Step Socks – Ethical pairs of socks that support various causes. From socks that plant trees to socks that protect wildlife – this one is the ideal gift for your environment-loving friend! 

 Gifts for gardeners - same day delivery Melbourne

Gifts for Gardeners

When we think of what to give a person who loves gardening, we imagine seeds, planter pots, or gardening tools – yes, we have them all! Dig into the world of unusual gardening gifts for your plant-loving friend!

  • Lil'Bit Bee Seed Bomb – If you are looking for gifts for gardeners who have everything, then this is then these unique little bombs are the one! Watch them grow into herbs and flowers that provide habitat and food for pollinators.
  •  Heirloom Seeds & Plantable Cards – Romanesco broccoli, ‘cosmic purple’ carrot, Swiss chard, yellow pear tomato, Culinary Herbs Seed Kit, or Edible Flowers Seed Kit. Create a gardening gift hamper with varieties of beautiful heirloom seeds and kits and personalise it with a seeded card!
  •  Planting for Wildlife – A book for gardeners who want to apply a more holistic approach to gardening and create their own urban sanctuary.
  • Gentlemen's Hardware Garden Multi-Tool - A one-piece wonder that trims, weeds and snips! This a perfect high-quality gift for any gardener who wants to express their neat love for the garden.  

 Gifts for secretaries - same day delivery Melbourne

Gifts for Secretaries

Not just on Administrative Professionals or Secretaries Day but on just another day where you want to thank and shower respect for your secretary for all their hard work!

  • Mojo Soy Wax Scented Candles – Nothing feels more comforting than luxurious, natural scents from candles made from reclaimed beer and wine bottles. Any secretary will love to come home to beautiful fragrances after a long day at work.
  • Brush It On Beauty Package - Make them feel pampered with self-care gifts. From a bamboo-made designer toothbrush to an 11-piece professional makeup brush set, this beauty care package includes everything sustainable and indulging for your daily routine. 
  • Loco For Cocoa – Feel-good gifts are the best! And what better than chocolates made from the highest quality Couverture chocolate? Nutty pretzel or freeze-dried raspberries – lots of quirky flavours to pick!
  • Organics for Lily Tea Bottle Gift Set – The best gift for the super busy secretary! Brew tea on the go with the beautiful and practical Tea Bottle that keeps tea hot or drinks refreshingly cool for up to an hour.
  • Alperstein Designs’ Journal – This artsy journal featuring incredible aboriginal artwork is the perfect gift for your secretary to plan and make notes of day-to-day schedules. Something they can show off in front of their peers!

 Gifts for remote workers - same day delivery Melbourne

Gifts for Remote Workers

How can you show appreciation to people who work from home? The best work-from-home gift ideas for remote workers are gifts that show them that you care and that make them feel recognized.

  • House Plants – Working alone from home can sometimes get boring. Offering them a plant can beat this! Next to the window or on the desk - a cute houseplant refreshes the mind and the eyes!
  •  Electric Diffuser gift set – This gift set not only humidifies and purifies but also comes with Relaxation (pure blend), lavender, and lemongrass essential oils. It is through gifts like these you can say, "Working in the comfort of your home." 
  •  Blue Q Socks – When humour and comfort go together. Show that you care by gifting these quirky socks with crazy one-liners!
  •  Bento Box – Working from home can mean snacking a lot for some. A super friendly stainless steel bento box with three compartments is suitable for fresh fruit, dried fruit, veggies, nuts, cheese, crackers, sushi, rice paper rolls, or popcorn!!


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Gift Ideas for Different Professions in Australia - Same day delivery Melbourne

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